Knock Knock

we tread this earth, green and brown finite years of life's countdown crawl, walk, run, and play skip, hop, swoon, and sway egg to fetus to baby, child adolescence, puberty, then teenage wild twenties, thirties, forties, more the time clock ticks but keeps the score we laugh and cry in joy and sorrow always thinking there is a … Continue reading Knock Knock

Mommy Dearest

I'll go out on a limb here and say for most of us, being a parent is, quite literally, the hardest job we've ever had or ever will. And, at the same time, it's the richest, most fulfilling, most rewarding contribution to our own lives and always will be.   One of the most surprising aspects … Continue reading Mommy Dearest

“Misogynistic MINI Mechanics” or “WHOA…Them Dudes Make a Shit-ton of Dough!

After 3 weeks, I leave the Great Frozen North (a.k.a. The Northeast Kingdom) Friday, on the journey south to reclaim Mini Me and head home to Virginia on Saturday. The hotel room near the dealership is booked so I can arrive at the service door bright and early Saturday morning to pick her up. Speaking … Continue reading “Misogynistic MINI Mechanics” or “WHOA…Them Dudes Make a Shit-ton of Dough!

She Waits

She waits, as she always does, on the south side of the room The same chair, straight, hard The only softness is the faded paisley upon the seat But that comfort is not for her The oak warms in the sun But remains cold and hard against her black skin As she hangs on its back, waiting For her special someone … Continue reading She Waits