To All The Bloggers I’ve Know Before…

As I look back on the past couple of years I would tell people I was a blogger…I realize I always said that with a sense of pride and, I may as well say it, a sense of accomplishment.

These days however, whenever the occasion presents itself whereby I could work in “I’m a blogger”, I immediately think to myself “Who are you kidding? You haven’t written a single real word for years!”

Alas, this is true. Unbelievable to me as it is…this is true.

There are as many reasons why as there are why not. Rather than list them, let me just say, I MISS YOU!

The inspiration, the writing, the reading, the connections, the camaraderie. All of it. Equally.

Excuses? Sure, but none you haven’t heard, or perhaps even felt yourselves (as I have noticed I’m not the only one of our circle of many, absent without a clue.

So…I say the following, to my oldest and newest, in the order my old brain brings you to me:

NB, aka…I miss our porch-side chats and promises of scotch and wine, but do not EVER think that means I’m not PROUD as hell of you and follow your every move. I do try to comment on your posts, but WP seems to have an issue with my leaving footprints on your doorstep. From me to you…you are worthy and you are AMAZING!

Mim, aka…I see you regularly on FB and can feel the happiness radiate from you whenever the grands are involved. In fact, whenever the family is involved. You have always been a stalwart supporter of those who have touched your life, and just to let you know…you changed mine. Regardless of time, regardless of distance, you are, and always will, be a mensch.

BonBon, aka…Sister, I need an update on you. I have a sneaky feeling as much has changed for you as it has for me in these last years. I miss your smiling effervescence in the face of all that came your way! You were the Head of the Head Cheerleaders!!!

Paula, aka My Queen, aka, I follow you elsewhere and thus know you are as unlucky as you are blessed. As a fellow ‘it’s all shit until it’s not’ human being, I am happy for so many, many things for you…and send my heartfelt love to you for the things that suck. Please take better care of you, my one and only Queen. You are NOT replaceable!! You are also one of the few in my circle that continue to write no matter what! You’re a pro…let’s face it.

Paula, aka, My Okie sister, fellow lover of all things simple and beautiful in our eyes. I am amazed daily by your posts of the kids and grandkids. Your life is a reflection of your inner light for sure. So happy for you and Marv!

SFAM, aka Susan Daniels, aka, Ahhh, what to say to the sister I’ve never met, but always knew. The pages of my life could use the poetry of your heart. I miss the absolute truth of you and hope dearly you are well. I’m sure, between the kids and the kitties, there’s some catching up to do! Yes?

Jules, aka Julie Goyder, aka, There are no words…zero NEW words anyway, to tell you just how amazing you are! And now you are a GRANDMA! I could not be happier for you, and Ming, and believe your star was set on a path long, long, ago, and you’ll continue to shine forever. Miss you sweet woman…and think of you often.

Yvonne, aka, aka, the shiniest light of shining lights. I see and follow you on FB and can say you have exquisite taste in four legged fellows. No matter the circumstance, your light finds its way into my world, just by being you. Thank you for that and bless you always.

Tink, aka Deb, I think of you often. These last couple of years have been hell for so many. It breaks my heart to think of it and know so many I love and care for have been touched in the worst way. Your voice is missed by me. Your heart is forever linked to mine. I sincerely hope you are well and want you to know you are loved.

Audra, aka, or I’ve tried finding you and have failed. You were always the one who knew exactly when to open the window and let me know you were there. I wish I could have done that for you! Miss you my friend. Hope all is well.

Annie, aka What can I say…unconditional love to and from the greatest humanitarians I know. Your barks and purrs and licks on the face brightened many a cloudy day for me. I still follow your travels on another site…and am heartened to know you are going strong and steady. Honored to know you!

There are more of you, Lord knows, who have impacted my life. I have learned some have deleted their blogs, sadly, and others, like me, still have them but seldom write, and it’s assumed, rarely read. It doesn’t matter…you are all in my thoughts, and heart, and prayers. I constantly go back and forth on keeping the blog, deleting the blog, letting it expire. But something keeps me from doing any of that. Perhaps it’s you? Deep in there somewhere, perhaps it is. Then again, I erased myself once before and truthfully, am really reluctant to do that again.

Big Mistake.



In the meantime, please know I think of you all often, pray for you always, and wish you all the best life has to offer.

Your friend in blogging, your friend in life.


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Hi everyone! Welcome to 50 Shades of Gray Hair. 50 Shades is my blog of life over the hill, where each day is full of delicious opportunities to earn another gray hair. I stopped declaring war on the gray when I began this blog years ago. Instead, I embrace and celebrate them along with whatever life decides to throw my way, with (sarcasm forward) humor and an optimistic eye to the future. I think. I hope? I don't know. At any's real, it's honest, it's full of 4 letter words, and it's me...on a platter. I sincerely welcome you all to my porch....♥♥Rhonda

18 thoughts on “To All The Bloggers I’ve Know Before…”

  1. Rhonda, I couldn’t just write on FB when you posted your latest blog post…nope, I had to come here…to shout about how how happy I feel to hear from you and how your post made me remember, reminisce, be reminded of those joyful times when we were all blogging regularly and so in touch even though we’d never met in person. Those connections that we made are still here even years later if how I’m feeling right now is any proof of it because I’m grinning from ear to ear with happy memories, with that feeling of deep down true friendship and connections that we made along the way…it’s like coming home to those who remember us all…if that makes any sense. For those that remember those days, I know you understand. I need to blog more myself. I miss the love, the camaraderie, the connections, the support, the kindness and the unconditional friendship we all shared…I love that we still have it years later. Just by reading your published post it feels renewed…you’ve always been here…even though you weren’t posting…we don’t lose those types of connections. Isn’t it amazing that I feel this way even though we’ve never met in person? 🙂 Love to you dearest Rhonda! xoxo Keep in touch…you are missed and loved! Thank you so much for remembering me too….

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    1. Yvonne, you’ve expressed it exactly and why I wanted to try to put these feelings on the page. Being part of something bigger than me, loved and supported by all of you unconditionally, and making connections as real and lasting as any I’ve made face to face…came into my life when I needed it most. Love to you also Yvonne and thank YOU my friend, for being the keeper of the light.

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  2. Oh sister… much of what you wrote resonates with my heart and soul!! So many changes in the past few years…and when I think of sharing again….I stop myself. Some things I’d like to share, I’m just not brave enough.

    Love you. Love your heart. Love your words! Thank you for bringing us all back to one place…..if only for a little while. ❤️😘🙏

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    1. Paula, I’m glad I’ve kept up with you and yours thru FB because I see how much has changed and how absolutely full your life is. That said, ‘I’m just not brave enough’ is concerning. I’m always here, my Okie sister, if you ever need me. Love to you xoxo


  3. That has to be one of the loveliest ways any of us has every popped up after a long absence. Like you, I am very negligent in posting and miss it…a lot. I can’t stand the thought of just walking away completely. My life has definitely been richer because of people like Trent Lewin. We’ve never met, but I feel that we truly are friends and look forward to sharing a wee dram of scotch with him. Kudos to you for sharing your feelings with us. Hopefully there will be more soon.

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    1. I am so pleased you came in to share that with me. I could not agree with you more about Trent. He’s been one of my favorites since I began and always a push on the backside when I needed it. Can’t imagine not knowing him, even though, as you say, we’ve never met. I’m throwing my hope in the ring with yours…hopefully there WILL be more soon!

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  4. As usual I am fashionably late to the party lol though I love writing the greatest thing I have gained from it is a while book family around the world that I will be eternally grateful to for their love and support, and you were there from the very beginning. Without friends like you giving me the confidence to hit that publish button I might very well have fallen by the wayside. This year has been awful I can honestly say the little I have shared on FB or anywhere else barely touches the surface, but I try to keep faith that it will all pass eventually. Thank you for being there, for giving me the knowledge that although we don’t get to catch up much that you would always be there on the other side of the chat box if I needed you. Sometimes just the knowledge that there are people out there who believe in you is enough to get you through another day. love you xxx

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    1. And here I am…days later finally seeing yours! We make quite the pair. I hate that you’ve had such an awful year and can only throw my faith in with yours and say all will be well again. Love you and you’re right…will always be on the other side of the chat box (we should both work on our timing tho eh?) when you need me and even if you don’t ( you know, one of those rare days when there may be an hour not or so not already dedicated to another so you can have an actual conversation?) I know…stop laughing. Anyway…xoxoxo

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  5. Well, my goodness! I missed this post whenever you shared it out…wow, talk about doing the time warp! A lifetime ago! Seeing familiar names…like a block party. The last handful of years…a Lot, in so many ways, no matter how you slice it. All good with me and my homefront thankfully. Good for you getting back in this space!

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    1. Bon Bon!!! So the new you is BonsEye! Love it. So happy to see your ‘face’ here. Glad all is good with you, makes me very happy to see! Hope to see more of you…xoxoxox


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