As clearly indicated in this photo of my ‘elevated’ clock collection…time really does fly! Otherwise, how the hell did so much time go by between posts?  Oh sure, a snippet here, a snapshot there, but basically…crickets!

Bad writer.  Baaaaad writer 😦

Soooo much has happened since my last real update.  But, as I recall (who am I kidding?  I recall nothing…I had to re-read my last posts to catch up with myself!) we’d basically gotten out of our house and into Mom’s, only to turn right around and do it again when her house sold the very weekend we moved in.  So, the crunch was on to find the new house to accommodate everyone’s wants, needs, and pocketbook…no easy task in the best of circumstances much less with less than 45 days to find (finally), contract (ouch), inspect (ahem, is that supposed to do that?), appraise (oooh look hon, we already made a hundred bucks!), and close (ha…they get 5% for that?).

Then came the moving part…and actually, I have nothing to say about that except it went pretty darn well considering the parties involved (namely….me!)

No  T  to the  H  to the  U  to the  Gs  this time!  No Sir.  Just lots and lots and lots and more lots…of shit-n-stuff.

Of course that’s not to say we didn’t have our adventures.  Most certainly we did, but after we moved in, which was a nice change (for about 30 seconds!). And a post for another day perhaps.

But, to this point, we did find a character-laden property out in the boonies of King William County (and we all know what ‘character’ means yes?) quickly realizing we’d just moved into a time warp.  And not in a good way! Suffice to say we move more Forward to the Past than Back to the Future  🙄

How you ask?  Wellllll…remember dial-up?  Listening to the pings and bongs and dings and dongs as we waited patiently (hahaha) for a connection to that new and wonderful and mind blowing experience called ‘the internet’?

Okay.  So we’re not there but what we DO have is Dial-Up-Yours Darrell’s asshat cousin ShitForBrains satellite internet!

Oh Rhett…Gone with the Wind are those lazy hours of streaming and binge watching Netflix.  Instead of watching Frankie and Grace hippy-fy the high brow, I’m watching the usage meter deplete faster than a three year old can make a Twinkie disappear.

No more swinging a Swiffer like she’s Ginger (oops…like he’s Fred 😳  ) while singing with Pandora where every channel is the best channel ’cause it’s MINE!

Gone is Dancing with the Real Stars on The Weather Channel Live because that’s been replaced with sitting Shiva to my dearly departed High-Speed Hank so I can spend quality time with my new frienemy, Manual Update in the lonely hours between 2 and 8 a.m.

What’s worse I ask…the frustration, the boredom, or the lack of sleep…I just can’t decide.


I miss my FIOS

And what’s worse…

I hate that I do


p.s.  if you’ve nothing better to do, the links in this post are to some of my aforementioned adventures in moving.  just sayin  🙂




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Hi everyone! Welcome to 50 Shades of Gray Hair. 50 Shades is my blog of life over the hill, where each day is full of delicious opportunities to earn another gray hair. I stopped declaring war on the gray when I began this blog years ago. Instead, I embrace and celebrate them along with whatever life decides to throw my way, with (sarcasm forward) humor and an optimistic eye to the future. I think. I hope? I don't know. At any rate...it's real, it's honest, it's full of 4 letter words, and it's me...on a platter. I sincerely welcome you all to my porch....♥♥Rhonda

10 thoughts on “TEMPEST WARPED”

  1. You must be one strong lady to undertake all that moving. I could not do it. I’d have to get rid of all my junk that I’ve collected for 50 odd years. I suppose if you move often then one keeps it pared down to essentials and a few dear things.

    Love your clock collection. I adore old clocks and have three that do not run anymore. Mine are antiques but years ago they ran until my husband told me to stop them, because he hated the dinging and bonging. I think I now have found a clock repairman and I shall see about getting them up and running again.

    Love your header. You surely live in some gorgeous country.

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    1. Yvonne, I don’t know if I’m strong or just plain wacko! We’ve moved so many times I actually lose count. Last time I did count I believe my list of addresses was in the mid twenties. Just thinking about it makes me tired.
      I love clocks! I have a couple more to put up but need an extension ladder, so I have to wait for my husband to have time to help me. But I can sort of sympathize with your husband’s wanting them stopped…if the house is quiet, all we hear is ticking. 🙂
      We have a grandfather clock and a mantle clock that both ‘bong’ so I don’t set any other clocks that make noise (like our Cuckoo clock from Germany…nope, we’ve muted the Cuckoo!) 😉

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      1. Lord have mercy. You have moved twenty times or more. I suppose it is in your blood by now. Move while you are young and healthy and able to fix up those houses. Too bad you have not made a pitch to HGTV. Maybe it is not too late. There are all sorts of folks on there and I bet your story and all the work would compete very well. The Gaines’ in my town are filming their last season. There is a need for replacement. Just thinking or am I thinking wrong about what you do. The problem is that I have not commented on your blog much. Somehow I got side tracked- that is easy for me, and I missed a lot of your blog.

        I don’t have a large collection of clocks. Just three. I’ve had a chance to buy some at estate sales but none of them appealed to me and the prices were outrageous. Your collection is a really nice one.

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        1. Nope, you don’t have it wrong….I work on every house we land in and always leave them better than we found them. It’s a labor of love with me. I like Joanna’s Gaine’s work…very classy without being highbrow…but after awhile, they all tend to look the same. I try new things all the time, so that’s where I’m different. But, like her, I try to repurpose old things instead of buying new and I like to decorate with old things and books and clocks and such…keeps it interesting 🙂
          The good thing about blogging Yvonne, is it’s like having your own little digital library. The reading material is there for whenever you have the wish or the time to read. So…you’ve missed nothing…it’s all there just waiting to be loved. 😉 Thanks for a good end to a really crappy (cold and rain) day. Off to check my pea soup that’s been in the pot all day…sure smells like supper time! Have a blessed evening xo

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    1. LOL…I think you’re right about it being against the law. Hahaha
      And if we’d have known…and had more time…we’d have kept looking. The previous owner wasn’t exactly forthright about it when asked (liars) but as I say and believe…Caveat Emptor. Sucks anyway…truly, truly does.

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    1. OMG Jules…when I read your first sentence (well, your only sentence, but you know what I mean) my mind started singing “Wild Thing…you make my heart sing…you make everything…groovy!” hahaha
      Thanks for that 🙂 And I love the clocks too…need to get the rest of them up to fill the holes, but need hubby’s help and he’s always working! xoxo

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