Should We Stay or Should We Goūüé∂ūüé∂ūüé∂

Okay.¬† So, I know it's been a day or two¬†since my last post ūüėČ and I wasn't¬†actually planning a post today 'cuz it's¬†crazy busy for us right now, but...who the hell could resist? Not I. You all know how much I like a good 'saga'¬† ūüėā ūüė≠ ūüėď Especially about cars.¬† Or moving.¬† Or houses.¬†¬†Or … Continue reading Should We Stay or Should We Goūüé∂ūüé∂ūüé∂

Mommy Dearest

I'll go out on a limb here and say for most of us, being a parent is, quite literally, the hardest job we've ever had or ever will. And, at the same time, it's the richest, most fulfilling, most rewarding contribution to our own lives and always will be. ¬† One of the most surprising¬†aspects … Continue reading Mommy Dearest

Good Analogy or Same Ol’ Shit Politics? YOU answer that for yourselves

For me, I think the commentary below is a damned good analogy for Obama-care...aka The Affordable Care Act. Yeah me, the 'so-called' middle class...the one who is now paying more than twice the cost for less than half the coverage. The one who can no longer afford to go to the doctor, even though I … Continue reading Good Analogy or Same Ol’ Shit Politics? YOU answer that for yourselves


Last night saw the end of the longest running nightmare of our married life. The move to Virginia (a.k.a. As the Shade Spins) (aa.k.a. Two Thugs and a Truck) (aaa.k.a. The Snap Heard 'Round the Block) (aaaa.k.a. Row, Row, Row, Your Washing Machine) Moving on (yikes, that phrase alone gives me heartburn)... At 7:00pm we … Continue reading Today

One Day

By dinner time tomorrow, our soggy, box-full, furniture-empty, house will feel like home despite it all. He leaves the deep freeze on the shores of the Arctic Ocean tonight and will arrive on the unusually frozen southern shores of the Atlantic tomorrow.¬† Knowing he had not planned on bringing his arctic gear, an emergency phone … Continue reading One Day

Ebb and Flow?

While¬†the recent trauma-drama had not yet completely 'drained' from my brain, it had, at least, 'trickled'¬†to a minor, albeit steady, unresolved, 'drip'. Something akin to¬†Chinese water torture. However, that said,¬†I was surprised that I was surprised when I found myself, yet again,¬†'wading through¬†a 'puddle of shit' left¬†behind by¬†another supposed professional's incompetence! This time, a new … Continue reading Ebb and Flow?

“As the Shade Spins…When the Door Opens”

The opening of this, the last¬†episode of As the Shade Spins, was inspired by my good friend Mimi, when she commented¬†on the last installment¬†"Why do I feel like this is movie material for the Griswold's?"¬† Damn if that ain't the truth! Now, without further commercial interruption...on with the show... Last we saw¬†our driver, he was¬†stomping … Continue reading “As the Shade Spins…When the Door Opens”

“As the Shade Spins” A tra-com-edy of dysfunction and disillusion

long ago and far far away, in the beginning of a dark and stormy night, it was love at first sight‚Ķthen shit REALLY got interesting! 2014 The¬†new year's babe came roaring into existence dragging what was left of her meaner older¬†brother 2013 by the¬†roots of his dead gray short hairs I had hoped to see … Continue reading “As the Shade Spins” A tra-com-edy of dysfunction and disillusion