It’s Yellah

FLOWER OF THE DAY – OCTOBER 14, 2015 Hi gang!  For Cee's Flower of the Day today, I'm choosing one of my favorite and longest lasting blooms...the African Daisy. While I adore taking pictures of them, it's rare that I get any I like because I have this "thing" with taking photos of yellow!  More … Continue reading It’s Yellah


Cee's Fav Foto Friday Weekly Event...not sure this is a challenge so much as a way to inspire us to keep on posting...but either way, I'd like to take her inspiration and do just that...keep on posting  🙂 Here's my favorite photo series of the week: Grabbin' Lunch! Have a great weekend....Go grab some lunch!!!

Laboriously Laboring and Languidly Lingering this Loathingly Liquid Labor Day

Labor Day. The last holiday before the official end of summer. And this is a steamy one for sure. Humidity levels are through the roof so if you venture into the sun, you'll braise...not bake  🙄 It is a day to celebrate the working person. A day to 'not' work [as long as you don't work in retail, … Continue reading Laboriously Laboring and Languidly Lingering this Loathingly Liquid Labor Day


We begin as seed     the idea of life Aided by elements essential to thrive     we become what we are meant to be In times of stress, turmoil, and destruction     we adapt, if only to survive, but still hoping to grow Yet we have no control over circumstance     it is, after all, a … Continue reading Adapt


Last night saw the end of the longest running nightmare of our married life. The move to Virginia (a.k.a. As the Shade Spins) (aa.k.a. Two Thugs and a Truck) (aaa.k.a. The Snap Heard 'Round the Block) (aaaa.k.a. Row, Row, Row, Your Washing Machine) Moving on (yikes, that phrase alone gives me heartburn)... At 7:00pm we … Continue reading Today