Mission Impossible OR As I Like to ask… Can We Shoot Him?

I bet at least once in your life You've heard a guy say this When he's gettin' his giddyap Ready to goddyout... SHIT  SHOWER  & SHAVE Am I right? Well...hold onto your knickers ladies and gents 'Cause the Pesky Puke we all know and love...Elf on the Shelf ? Is a  FREAKIN' TEENAGER this Christmas {ACKKKKKKKKKK} So, when HE gets ready … Continue reading Mission Impossible OR As I Like to ask… Can We Shoot Him?


When to be a parent? When to be a friend? When to speak the truth you feel? When an ear to lend? When do Moms and Dads step in? When Jack or Jill are hurting? When do Moms and Dads bow out? When they'd rather you were averting When is it okay to speak? When … Continue reading When?

My Friend, Jane

Read this inspriational woman’s words and see into the heart that inspires me. May it inspire you…to knock on doors.

stuff i tell my sister

My friend Jane passed away Saturday evening. She was 91. Her desire was to have her body donated to science. She was hopeful that if they studied an “old” body, maybe they could learn how to help older people lead a healthier and richer life.
There will be no service. No hearse for family and friends to follow to a cemetery, no grave to place flowers. No sad hymns sung.
But I mourn for Jane. I weep for Jane. I will write words to honor the life that her family had no time for any longer.

We didn’t mean to be friends. I knocked on her door one day, while visiting at the nursing home, and she invited me into her room. She then proceeded to tell me that if I was going to talk to her, I’d have to speak up! So I did. ~Smile~ She was polite, yet…

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Six Months

Wow...though I am the sole author of this blog, even I am surprised that nearly 6 months have passed since my last post. And what a 6 months it has been. My last share was an update on our painter, IMA.  To put that puppy to bed, he did finally finish to my satisfaction and … Continue reading Six Months

An Update…I think

Is there such a word as downdate? How about upsidedowndate? Yeah, that's better Whichever it is...I have one Here are the latest photos of my living room, dining room, kitchen... Ready? Look familiar? Yup... IMA called off on Saturday (flat tire) IMA's Dad wrote me on Monday (mother needed transportation) It's 10 am Tuesday...HESA not here yet … Continue reading An Update…I think

Knock Knock

we tread this earth, green and brown finite years of life's countdown crawl, walk, run, and play skip, hop, swoon, and sway egg to fetus to baby, child adolescence, puberty, then teenage wild twenties, thirties, forties, more the time clock ticks but keeps the score we laugh and cry in joy and sorrow always thinking there is a … Continue reading Knock Knock