Mommy Dearest

I'll go out on a limb here and say for most of us, being a parent is, quite literally, the hardest job we've ever had or ever will. And, at the same time, it's the richest, most fulfilling, most rewarding contribution to our own lives and always will be.   One of the most surprising aspects … Continue reading Mommy Dearest

The Epilogue

The service is done The tears shed Ashes placed His final bed Pride in my family Not the least of which, Mom Who honored my father With dignified Calm Standing Room Only His life well represented Laughter the keystone Not a life being lamented Notes to be written Soups to be made We dreaded the … Continue reading The Epilogue

One Day

By dinner time tomorrow, our soggy, box-full, furniture-empty, house will feel like home despite it all. He leaves the deep freeze on the shores of the Arctic Ocean tonight and will arrive on the unusually frozen southern shores of the Atlantic tomorrow.  Knowing he had not planned on bringing his arctic gear, an emergency phone … Continue reading One Day

Ebb and Flow?

While the recent trauma-drama had not yet completely 'drained' from my brain, it had, at least, 'trickled' to a minor, albeit steady, unresolved, 'drip'. Something akin to Chinese water torture. However, that said, I was surprised that I was surprised when I found myself, yet again, 'wading through a 'puddle of shit' left behind by another supposed professional's incompetence! This time, a new … Continue reading Ebb and Flow?