The Epilogue

The service is done The tears shed Ashes placed His final bed Pride in my family Not the least of which, Mom Who honored my father With dignified Calm Standing Room Only His life well represented Laughter the keystone Not a life being lamented Notes to be written Soups to be made We dreaded the … Continue reading The Epilogue


Last night saw the end of the longest running nightmare of our married life. The move to Virginia (a.k.a. As the Shade Spins) (aa.k.a. Two Thugs and a Truck) (aaa.k.a. The Snap Heard 'Round the Block) (aaaa.k.a. Row, Row, Row, Your Washing Machine) Moving on (yikes, that phrase alone gives me heartburn)... At 7:00pm we … Continue reading Today

Good Grief

I've experienced my share of loss. Most of a certain age have, and some not of such an age. It is an inevitable part of life. I've mourned the loss of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends much too soon, neighbors, and four-legged buddies too. Grief is a process. It's as important a process as … Continue reading Good Grief