Knock Knock

we tread this earth, green and brown

finite years of life’s countdown

crawl, walk, run, and play

skip, hop, swoon, and sway

egg to fetus to baby, child

adolescence, puberty, then teenage wild

twenties, thirties, forties, more

the time clock ticks but keeps the score

we laugh and cry in joy and sorrow

always thinking there is a tomorrow

killing, dying, violence, abuse

intolerance, slander, what’s the use?

our finite time we waste with hate

malice, gossip, lies that bait

“I am right and you are wrong”

“You don’t matter, move along”

look to the right, look to the left

pick a side or better yet

just put on the blinders; through that tunnel look

where peripheral’s just a word used in books

and open wide; be sure to swallow

what’s left un-sown from minds gone fallow

what’s wrong with us??  we’re going back

to when right was white and wrong was black

to fists and rocks and shoot to kill

our ‘sticks & stones’ now break things at will

when did debate become the place

to harass, harangue, inflame the base?

so trump’s a troll and cruz a liar?

clinton and sanders fantasy cryers?

don’t prove it – just say it – it’s all the same right?

who cares for the truth when what matters is the fight

well I for one am sorry for my nation

we’ll reap what we’re sowing and I fear our creation

we live in a country where anything goes

our music and tv; our poetry and prose

clothing, vehicles, make up, and hair

tattoos and nose rings are everywhere

why is it not for our politics and life choices?

why now are fear and hate the loud voices?

not just of the people, but of those that govern

bottom up to top down, we act like a coven

of witches and bitches and wizards and dicks

if you believe it we’re all screwed, no matter the pick

I’m not naive – nothing I do will matter

I’ll be just as covered in the end with blood spatter

but for me, it’s the end of hate speech

I have my opinions and they’re not there to preach

you do what you want to or have to, for sure

but stop at MY threshold and knock on my door

if I let you in, then I’m saying I’ll listen

I may not agree, but a friend you’ll be christened

up and until or IF you decide

that I need a lesson in choosing sides

do you remember that threshold you crossed?

well head back that way…you’re outta here ol’ hoss!

16 thoughts on “Knock Knock

    • Sad isn’t it Audra? Can’t turn on the TV, open a newspaper, or open social media without being bombarded by political vitriol or stories of violence and death around the globe that is somehow our fault, and violence at home which is fueled by the actions of some or the words of another. The great divide…nothing to be proud of.


        • As entrenched in the military as my family is…and as proud of all of them as I am…I have to agree with your feelings at this moment. We’ve just attended the latest graduation of one and his brother has just signed on the dotted line…I too, am concerned. But take heart Audra…we’ll be watching, and listening, and paying very close attention. There are no ‘calls to action’ where mothers are concerned; we need no such notice…if anything, let them be worried…ours may work for the man, but they belong to us! There’s more than one who’ll remember my name…and not because I bake a mean cookie 🙂 Hang in there and always remember who you are…The Mother…and that’s no small thing! In the meantime, you’re in my thoughts and I’m in your corner.


    • Maybe I should be thinking of putting little Australia on my short list? The way things are going, not sure I could stomach what’s coming…especially, since it is of our own making. And we all know how people hate to admit they’ve made a mistake, so I can see this back and forth, finger pointing going on and on and on ad nauseam.

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