SOMEONE has to be the Grownup!

This is where they’ll be this time tomorrow…


Would YOU say no?

No, didn’t think so.

Headed to one of my favorite places so Mom can spend time with the ‘girls’…friends of a certain age who haven’t ‘laughed like they used to’ for more than 20 years…think they’ll have fun?


Yeah…me too.

Hopefully I’ll come back with stories to tell and photos to share…along with a sunburn.

Outer Banks…the Mother Duck’rs are coming…you ready?

14 thoughts on “SOMEONE has to be the Grownup!

    • I will enjoy watching Mom and the ‘old’ ones getting back to where they left off Mim…we all should be so lucky, to have friends we haven’t seen for more than 2 decades and just pick up and run with it yeah? I know YOU have such friends…what an awesome feeling that is right?


  1. Hello Miss Rhonda!
    Couldn’t locate an email address on your blog so I’m contacting you here! Searched for a post on the OBX and this is where I landed!
    Planning a trip out there this summer and wanted your take on the 4×4 Carova Beach area if you’ve been there. (I remember you mentioning the wild horses on your blog!) Any info you can share on the area would be greatly appreciated. If you get this message any time soon, (before summer ends lol) you can contact me at
    Thank you my friend, hope all is well. 😊

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    • Sorry I missed this Kelly. As it happens, I just returned from the OBX yesterday!!! We did some 4 wheeling on Carova and were not disappointed! The ponies were beautiful and even saw a little poser of a seal ‘beached’ waiting for high tide. A real character! Anyway…I’ll send an email with a couple suggestions and if it’s your first time…I can help steer you away for a couple things too 😉

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