More or Less is More of Less…only MoreSo

Civilization at the end of 2015

• Our Phones – Wireless
• Cooking – Fireless
• Cars – Keyless
• Food – Fatless
• Tires –Tubeless
• Dress – Sleeveless
• Youth – Jobless
• Leaders – Shameless
• Relationships – Meaningless
• Attitudes – Careless
• Babies – Fatherless
• Feelings – Heartless
• Education – Valueless
• Children – Mannerless
• Country – Godless


Government is – CLUELESS

And our Politicians are – WORTHLESS

I am scared – Shitless!

Ain’t it just – PRICELESS?


19 thoughts on “More or Less is More of Less…only MoreSo

    • Thanks Kel. Well, we are at my mother’s where she was in the 1/2 snow 1/2 sleet zone…about 8″ of snow nicely packed by 7 hours of sleet, and now snowing again. 🙂 Haven’t been home yet, but we live in the all snow zone…so, thinking it’ll be a foot to foot and a half. Which is cool…hubby’s off next two days, he can deal with it and Sadie and I can enjoy it! How about you?

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  1. But you, my dear SB, are peerless. Take that one to the bank.

    I saw Ms. Palin’s endorsement of Mr. Trump the other day. I fear that humanity and civilization has finally come to the deep dark place where I, hopped up on scotch fumes as I might be, could offer a more reasonable thought or two compared to these charlatans. Like seriously. Ugh. I felt gross watching that video, actually.

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