Sea Bird Poem 1

I spy with my beady eyes something on the beach

Sea Bird Poem 2

But what I spy I cannot lie is not something to eat!

Sea Bird Poem 3

What is this crap you’ve left behind on this beach I come for dinner?

Sea Bird Poem 4

If I did that to you humans FAT you’d soon be a whole lot thinner!

Sea Bird Poem 5

Nasty things…

Sea Bird Poem 6

…you human beings

Sea Bird Poem 7

Yeah I said that out loud

Sea Bird Poem 8

You’re selfish leeches who ruin our beaches instead of feeling proud!

Sea Bird Poem 9

Now I spy with my beady eyes something that belongs

Sea Bird Poem 10

And if in fact it’s still intact I’ll eat it all day long

Sea Bird Poem 11

And when it’s gone I’ll move along and leave my trash behind

Sea Bird Poem 12

The difference being what you are seeing is what you want to find!

Sea Bird Poem 13

So HU-MAN next time you pan my table for your treasure

Sea Bird Poem 14

Just bear in mind that trash you find brings years of joy and pleasure!

Sea Bird Poem 16

As a guest you are a pest and if you keep this up

Sea Bird Poem 17

I will fly high in the sky and aim right for your cup!

Sea Bird Poem 18

So be like me and leave the sea and beaches free of litter

Sea Bird Poem 19

For if not I’ll take my shot and trust me I’m no glitter shitter!


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