One Word Photo Challenge: Winter

One Word Photo Challenge: Winter

Night time cherry tree – Massachusetts
Ice flow off the mountain – Vermont

Blue spruce – Vermont
Turkey gathering – Vermont
Turkey tree – Vermont
Late afternoon snowfall – Vermont
Rare snow event – Virginia
Ice fishing – Vermont
Lake Willoughby – Vermont
Frozen berries – Massachusetts
The final descent – Vermont
King of the Mountain - Alaska
King of the Mountain – Alaska

I guess you could say I love winter and I’m glad it’s almost here

Cheers ūüôā

North and South

Growing up in the far northern climes of Vermont, summer could be summed up in one word, which, oddly enough, is the same word attributed to its winters, only for different reasons.


There is only one question to ask when living with and through a northern winter…”When will it end???”

No one I’ve ever known would dare ask that same question from the 4th of July through¬†Labor Day, which in the best of years, is a Long¬†Vermont summer.

A better question for summer is “When will it begin????”

But the Longer that lives in the northern summertime, isn’t for how many months, or weeks, or days, it lasts…it is for those Longer days, Longer bike rides, and Longer games in one backyard or another. ¬†Longer moments of peace among¬†the winter weary, battle fatigued, cohabitants¬†that are¬†brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. ¬†Longer trips looking for warmer weather, with Longer hellos, and even Longer goodbyes.

Summer is a Long way from Long in the north.

At the same time, there is also only one question I know to ask as a northerner living with and through, a southern¬†summer… “When will it end???”

My slow melt begins in April, with signs of¬†ripples in May. ¬†Then I start to bubble in June, and by July, I’m roiling out of the proverbial ‘melted pot’. ¬†By August, when coincidentally enough, the homicide rate begins to increase, I’m ready, willing, and able to add to the statistic of “Heat induced insanity killings”

It’s only the 9th of July here in Virginia and I’m ready for it to end. ¬†I’m Longing for cool days and cold nights. ¬†I want to put on a hoodie and go out by the campfire, watch the lightning bugs, and gaze at the stars in the crystal clear, cold cleansed¬†sky.

I’m tired of the inside of my house. ¬†I’m heart-sick at the number of times I say no to¬†‘Grammy, can we go out so I can run through the sprinklers?” because that would mean I’d have to go O U T there to supervise.

I’m disgusted that the longest walk I take all day is from the front door to the mailbox and even then, if I knew someone else I could ask to do it for me, I’d PAY them to do it!

I am glared at by my four legged pal who wants nothing more than to run around the yard, chasing something…anything…as long as she can runl. ¬†NO, No, and no, because that means I’d have to go O U T there and participate! ¬†Ugh

I Long for shorter days.

I Long for cloudy or rainy days.

I Long for someone to pick up on the fact that I wear a “Let It Snow” night shirt EVERY night hoping it’ll happen.

If you haven’t noticed…I hate the heat. ¬†But even if I didn’t…I’d hate T H I S heat!

When. Will. It. End?

Free Birds

Today was the first day since December 10th, that I’ve been free to walk out of my house on two feet, sans crutches, sans male nurse disguised as husband, and just dooooooooooooo!

Whatever I wanted.

Whatever struck my fancy.

Just Do It!

So…what did I do?

I grabbed my camera and took her out on a date.

In Mini, who I’ve not driven since then either.

We’ve shared not one single moment of exploration time since moving to Virginia…and I must admit, that’s been worse than the broken leg!

Trouble is…the eastern seaboard is either getting hammered or getting ready to be hammered my Winter Storm PAX.

I am in the latter group…getting prepared.

Normally this would not bother me in the least.¬† I mean, I’m a Yankee for God’s sake!¬† I have ice in my veins.

(No..not THAT kind of ice…the pretty kind¬† ūüôā¬† )

But one must remember that¬†I now live in the land of “OMG OMG OMG…THEY ARE CALLING FOR SNOW” people and that¬†made for a poor ‘Mini, take me away’ day.

It was¬†more a “Mini, get me the hell home because the people on the roads (and I swear…they are ALL¬†on the roads)¬†are LUNATICS and it hasn’t even started yet!”

I made it as far as Wal-Mart, a mere 6 miles from here, because I had some photos I wanted printed.¬† I am supposed to return, but frankly, I don’t think it would be worth it.¬† After all, I’m not collecting hazard pay and having just tasted freedom for the first time in more than two months…NO accidents for me, thank you very much!

So…I returned good ol’ friend Mini to the garage, took CC with me to the backyard, and¬†having left¬†the world outside my little acre to go crazy nuts…I spent a few moments with my VISITOR.

hawk collage

Besides…the skies are dreary, the colors dull, the vibrancy of¬†spring not yet peaking around the corner…I think I found the best the winter has to offer today, right here in my back yard.

Tomorrow is another day.

If there’s snow on the ground, all the better for me and CC.

If not, then we’ll see what we will see when we see it.

In the meantime, my VISITOR and I shall be, for today, FREE BIRDS!

Life is good!

Just ask Lynyrd

Winter Intermission…

Though I’ve been back but a moment…I’m taking an interlude.

I felt it best to leave a note on the door along with an open invitation to sit a spell if you’ve the time, and enjoy a quiet moment with some of my favorite winter moments.

I hope to see you all soon back at my place, but in the meantime, I’ll drop by yours every so often for a good cup of wisdom, a much needed smile and a chuckle, and some downright good conversation.


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