In the blink of an eye…

Last post was a week until…
This post is a week gone since…
In the blink of an eye it’s over
Last post I showed you where…
This post I’m showing you why…
In the click of a button it’s forever


1.)  Human Fun & Games

(Hover over photo or click on it for captions)


2.)  Nature Au Naturale


“Will ya looky there Junior…them’s called bipeds. If’n it t’were huntin’ season, I’d show ya how to cook ’em real good in lots o’butter!”


“Hey Ground Walker! Can’t you read?? You can’t park here! Just look at ’em Ralph…think they own the joint!’




“Good grief, can’t fly ANYWHERE around you bitches!”


“Oooooh, look at that jet Pops!”


“That ain’t no jet kids…that’s your cousin George”


“Ma?  Where ya going Ma?”


“Louise, get back here!”


“No worries Pops…I’ll get her.”


“Jeez Louise…can’t a fella visit his relatives?”


“Hey Georgie…you can come visit me. I’m free as a bird tonight. Dinner?”


“Whassat? Let me just clean my ears, thought you invited me to dinner.”


“Well, alrighty then! I’ll just hop, skip, and a….


…juuuuuuuump on over sweet thang!”


Random man / bird fly by


Random man caused fly away


“I AM…’nuff said”


“Oh he’s SUCH a show off!”


“Hey…if I got it flaunt it right?”










“Really? He’s this desperate? I’m BAIT not dinner!  The bird brain!!”






…that tickled ma belly!


“I don’t get the whole beach thing Dorrie, do you?”


“No, me either Handsome. Why hang out in all that sandy muck when you can lounge around with me surrounded by all this love stuff?”


“Gee, I wonder if he’s noticed I’ve picked out the wedding bouquets? Oh Handsooooome? Wanna play Peek a Love-Dove?”


“Handsome? Handsome? Hmmmm, I guess he noticed…that CHICKEN!”


3.)  Art…Is Where You Feel It

(click on a circle for captions)

Thanks for coming along…I do hope you enjoyed.

Next time it’s sand and surf, then worshiping the heavens



Peter Piper Pix…

Apologies to my FB friends as you’ve already seen these…but I thought my WP friends would enjoy a bit of a beach break too!

Peter Piper Patrols

Peter Piper Patrols

Peter Piper Plots

Peter Piper Plots

Peter Piper Proposes Parlay?

Peter Piper Proposes Parlay?

Peter Piper Peers Potential Pickins'

Peter Piper Peers Potential Pickins’

Peter Piper Prepares to Peck

Peter Piper Prepares to Peck

Peter Piper Pecks a Piece

Peter Piper Pecks a Piece

Peter Piper Picks the Pecked Piece

Peter Piper Picks the Pecked Piece

Peter Piper Panics

Peter Piper Panics

Peter Piper Poses

Peter Piper Poses

Peter Piper Parades

Peter Piper Parades

Peter Piper Pedals

Peter Piper Pedals

Peter Piper Pauses

Peter Piper Pauses

Peter Piper Ponders

Peter Piper Ponders

Peter Piper Proceeds

Peter Piper Proceeds

Peter Piper Pinpoints

Peter Piper Pinpoints

Peter Piper Partakes

Peter Piper Partakes

It was there all along…

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge this week is: (Extra)ordinary  –  Mundane and meaningful objects. Beautiful everyday things. This week, surprise us with something or someone (extra)ordinary

Seeing the world through a lens is as second nature to some of us as changing our underwear.

Would you leave the house without changing your underwear?

No…nor I think, would you leave the house without your third eye…correct?

Anyway…for people like us, (the underwear changing kind) seeing the Extra in the Ordinary is really just a matter of perspective.

We see it everywhere in every thing…eventually.

Sometimes, it’s in the reason we stop and shoot.

And sometimes, it’s in the 5th or 10th or 30th shot with minute changes in a particular subject.

But most of the time (at least for me) it’s often just a change of perspective…moving my focus, moving my feet, or just plain, being moved.

Below are some of my photos that I believe are Extra-ordinary. Not because they are great photos, because they are not. Some are pretty good, some are damned good, but some are just okay.

And I’m good with that. What I appreciate about all of them, is that by changing my perspective, choosing to shoot in less than favorable conditions, or focusing on the emotion of them and therefore hopefully translating it to the picture, more often than not, bring out the Extra in some of the more everyday, mundane, and ‘it’s just a sunset’, pictures.

Thanks for looking and here’s to more of the Extra in all of our Ordinaries.

And by all means, click on the photos to get the ‘extra’ full size effect.  lol

Cheers 🙂

When a beautiful ocean sunset...

When a beautiful ocean sunset…

...become 'extra' for the frond silhouette

…becomes ‘extra’ for the frond silhouette


When a lone fishing boat surrounded by sea birds becomes ‘extra’ for the blanket of morning sea mist


Or when a lonely cabin in the middle of acres of dormant farm land becomes haunted and ‘extra’ for the snow fog quietly taking over


When I capture a magnificent ‘bird of prey‘, I’m not yet thinking...


…about who he becomes when zeroing in on this beautiful ‘bird who prays. For me, they both become the ‘extra”

IMG_0023 (2)

When a sunset becomes so much more, has so much ‘extra’, when captured on a day the sky is teaming with the right combination of pollutants. Pollution as extraordinary? Extraordinary!

1015230_10201188597627895_1558047865_o (2)

When what the ocean throws away that which is more beautiful than anything than man can make…it becomes ‘extra’


And when the ocean captures and transforms what man has left behind, and turns it to something beautiful…it has that ‘extra’


Or when a forgotten church, surrounded by shadows of life forgotten…seen from a distance, and imagining its history…it becomes the ‘extra’

Happy Place: Where Nature Dances

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

I’m happy in a lot of different places, as most people are.  Most especially, the ocean, the mountains, lakeside and a newly discovered dirt road.

What these locations hold in common for me though is simple.

They are Mother Nature’s dance halls.

Nothing makes me happier than when I can catch Mother doing a good old fashioned Boogie Down!

Please enjoy

IMG_2225 IMG_2222 IMG_2218 IMG_2216

Such is... Love in the Afternoon!

Such is…
Love in the Afternoon!

Dining Alone

Dining Alone

Dinner for Two

Dinner for Two

Family's Night Out

Family’s Night Out

Check Please! Whatever their dining pleasure, it’s all part of… “The Dinner Dance”

The proposal

The proposal

In the Swim

In the Swim

Getting comfy

Getting comfy

"Hey you...Do. You. Mind?!" It's Turtle Time

“HEY! Do. You. Mind?!”
It’s Turtle Time