One Word Photo Challenge: Winter


Night time cherry tree – Massachusetts


Ice flow off the mountain – Vermont


Blue spruce – Vermont


Turkey gathering – Vermont


Turkey tree – Vermont


Late afternoon snowfall – Vermont


Rare snow event – Virginia


Ice fishing – Vermont


Lake Willoughby – Vermont


Frozen berries – Massachusetts


The final descent – Vermont

King of the Mountain - Alaska

King of the Mountain – Alaska

I guess you could say I love winter and I’m glad it’s almost here

Cheers πŸ™‚

One Word Photo Challenge: Winter

17 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Winter

    • I love the Burlington area, but I lived on the other side…the Northeast Kingdom some and Northfield the majority of my growing up years. I think being a Vermonter is in the blood…I’ve never NOT felt like a Vermonter, no matter where I live. I always miss it (well, not the spring…mudseason sucked…literally) πŸ˜‰

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        •’re kidding! My Grandfather worked at Norwich also and almost everyone I know went to school there. lol Hazard of being a townie I guess. What’s your Dad’s last name? It’s small enough town, we probably knew him…or at least the name. And boy, the world gets smaller every day!
          (and Craftsbury is in my top 3 favorite VT towns)

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            • This is so cool. My mom was class of ’57 so she would have been a freshman I’d guess when you dad was a senior? Of course, that’s assuming you meant he graduated from Nfld in ’53 and not Middlebury. Just realized it could be taken either way. πŸ™‚ I’ll have to ask her if she knew Don Peach. You wouldn’t happen to know where in town he lived do you?


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