Things are looking up!

First day out walking the neighborhood.  Kept it short and sweet, didn’t want to overdo







So am I




But don’t miss what’s down below…shadows of Spring from the snow!


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Hi everyone! Welcome to 50 Shades of Gray Hair. 50 Shades is my blog of life over the hill, where each day is full of delicious opportunities to earn another gray hair. I stopped declaring war on the gray when I began this blog years ago. Instead, I embrace and celebrate them along with whatever life decides to throw my way, with (sarcasm forward) humor and an optimistic eye to the future. I think. I hope? I don't know. At any's real, it's honest, it's full of 4 letter words, and it's me...on a platter. I sincerely welcome you all to my porch....♥♥Rhonda

22 thoughts on “Things are looking up!”

        1. I am the daughter of a scotch drinker, so please know I would NEVAH! Was just having you on. And I would love to sit a spell on your porch…though late in the day, as the sun sets, so we can settle into the evening…for a bit of story time. Yup, sounds good to me.


              1. You’re invited, anytime. Stories, beer, scotch, something from the grill, sunshine, swimming across the street (there’s a pool there), you just have to be okay with three little ones running about tearing up the place (which I figure you would be okay with).


                1. Careful NB…you are describing a perfect day. And you figured correctly…wouldn’t be perfect without the little dwarfs! As long as you’d be okay with my other half. Bigger than yours but get a libation or two in him, there’s no telling what he’ll do. (he’s a cheap date….I am not. 🙂


  1. Ah…love that you are on the mend, out and about; great news!! So happy things are looking brighter – you will be ready just in time for spring. Perfect really, when you think about it! xoxo


    1. That’s how I’m looking at it Bon. Spring and I will be sprung together. Floors were finished yesterday, so the last reminder of the flood is gone! Now the work begins in earnest…making this house our home…xoxo


      1. Oh, you are going to work your magic and make it spectactular. No coincidence that you and spring will make your grand appearance in tandem. You have had far too much of the dark of winter, in too many ways. xo


        1. It is time Bon, and as we often do, we realize things happen when they are supposed to. Can’t say the way it happens is very appealing, but I can’t complain about emerging from the dirt with the flowers. Makes it easier to swallow at any rate. Time for a conclusion post I think…let it be done and done and done! xoxo


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