Moving Day

It’s finally here.
The big day.


Wake Up!

Two weeks to find it.


Home Sweet Home

Two weeks to haggle, inspect, haggle some more, fix, and sign on the dotted line.


Leaving behind the bright lights of northern Vermont


Come on men...we have a new kitchen to set up...


Wait for me you Oinkers!

Nothing to do now but wait for the professionals who’ll pack whatever is not nailed down…


Just in time for the holiday…


Like we don't have enough to do?

So here we go…time to move


Next stop…
H O M E!!

See ya’ll real soon.

(PS) this is from my phone…can’t really see it…hope it came through as intended.

26 thoughts on “Moving Day

    • Thank you NB. I’ll take the hugs any day… but the beer? Canadian or real beer? Wait, that came out wrong. Good or Canadian? Damn, my fingers will not cooperate. Once more. I’d rather have a bottle of pee or Canadian? Oh hell, I give up. The fingers want what the fingers want eh? Love ya brother. 😉


  1. congratulations r! im so happy to be connected with your blog again, oh how i have missed you ❤

    i just moved this last saturday, and i can say that i love the fresh start, maybe you do as well.

    enjoy your new home, make it cozy and i hope it is full of everlasting love.



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