An Update…I think

Is there such a word as downdate?

How about upsidedowndate?

Yeah, that’s better

Whichever it is…I have one

Here are the latest photos of my living room, dining room, kitchen…


Look familiar?


IMA called off on Saturday (flat tire)

IMA’s Dad wrote me on Monday (mother needed transportation)

It’s 10 am Tuesday…HESA not here yet

IMA pissed

There…that’s my upsidedowndate?



17 thoughts on “An Update…I think

    • I can say they are moving along, but cannot say the update is good. Let’s just say, he’s still here; not one room downstairs complete (bits and pieces in every room); and I’ve had to push getting my floors done AGAIN to accommodate IMA, which makes me feel like I’m rewarding him, but at this stage, I have little choice. The only leverage I have is his money…of which he gets NONE until we are happy. Well, happy may be too strong a word. Unless we are satisfied with the work (at last)…we will never be happy about any of it. Thanks for the support though…helps to have a place to vent…at the least, it’s keeping IMA alive! 😉

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    • Oh Audra….you make me laugh! I know I know, it’s been a freakin’ long time eh? 4 months since my last check in. Holy Hell!! It’s been a time for sure…so much has happened that I’ll just have to sit down and write about it. lol You’re a living doll for checking to see if I was still alive…though I have been reading all of you, just not leaving muddy prints on the floor…promise to catch up soon xoxo

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