Is That Wonder Woman Whistlin’ Dixie?

A short re-cap…

Toddler Troll ’14 has died…

…and Damien ’15 now reigns

Do NOT let that innocent face fool you!

Damien declared the war of Two Ought One and Four was not over.
He was now spearheading the charge.

El Jefe sent his mangy minion “Mini Masher Mickey” to mangle my Mini

mini masher mickey 1
Mini Masher Mickey

Mad as Hell Wonder Woman (that’s me…just ask my SideKick Mimi)

WW ready to kick some ‘service’ ass and take some names…

I know she’s not a minion,  but I could NOT resist!  Could you?

 Alright…that brings us to right here and right now…

How DOES a mad as hell Wonder F-Ugly end up Whistlin’ Dixie?

(She puts her lips together and blows, silly)

No, seriously…

After she hangs up the phone from the conversation with the Mini Service Manager, as follows:

Manager: I have some news.

Me: Oh yeah?

Manager: The warranty inspector was here today.

Me: Yeah, so I was expecting.

Manager: He looked at the engine.

Me: Right. That’s what he was there for.

Manager: He said it was a broken Tensioner.

Me: Yeah, you told me that already. Were you unsure?

Manager: No, he just confirmed it.

Me: Good. Now what?

Manager: He agreed the engine needed to be replaced.

Me: I thought you had NEWS? (Not OLDS!) You already told me that.

Manager: I also told you in my experience, they would not pay for it.

Me: Yeah, I didn’t forget that part.

Manager: Well…

Me: Well…..what?

Manager: They agreed to cover it.

Me: Really?

Manager: Yes. They were going to cover a ‘used’ one but we ran the numbers an
it was within a couple hundred for a new one, so you’re getting a new one.

Me: I’d have gotten a new one anyway, but go on.

Manager: They are paying me directly, so all you have to cover is the new battery
and turbo oil line, which are not covered.

Me: How much?

Manager: $692

Me: You do know both the battery and that oil line were replaced last year?

Manager: Yes, but since you’re getting a new engine, we don’t want to screw around with old parts.

Me: Ok. How much are the two replacements?

Manager: $350 for the battery, $200 for the line, plus tax and labor.

Me: $350 for a battery? Jesus, what the hell is it made of?

Manager: It’s specific to Minis.

Me: Really? No other car can use it?

Manager: Well, not exactly, but this one’s housing and stuff are made specifically
for Mini.

Me: Ah, I see. (You guys figure since I’m getting a new engine paid for I may as well just suck up a 300 percent mark up on a battery.)
Well, that’s good news anyway.

Manager: I need to order the engine, and once it’s in, we’ll need a few days. You
may be able to get the car by Wednesday.

Me: Actually, I’ll be able to get the car when I can get a ride to Hartford and not before.

Manager: I’ll call you when it’s ready.

Me: I’ll wait for that call.

 THAT’S how a Mad As Hell Wonder Woman ends up Whistlin’ Dixie

thanks for the cartoon

And pay attention Girlies (and Nerdies too)…
It pays to let people (especially people ‘helping’ you) that you’ve done your homework.
It’s good to let them know that you know that they know that they are hiding/lying to you and you know it.

Got it?

Good  🙂

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23 thoughts on “Is That Wonder Woman Whistlin’ Dixie?”

  1. Excellent… justice is served. But I wouldn’t buy the new battery! There’s no point! Also, I’m so glad my kids weren’t around for those bloody minion images… think of the nightmares. I would totally laugh though. That Wonder Woman though… Yikes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am still reeling at the idea of $350 for a battery. What does it do? Can it make breakfast? Can it shampoo the dog? For $350 I would expect both. I hope WW is bionic as I think some of her parts may need replacing too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gee Andrew…those are good questions! And I tend to agree…for that kind of money, I think the least I could count on is a footrub? Something? And I hope you are speaking of the WW in the photo (I know right?) and not me…I KNOW I have parts that need replacing, but they don’t show yet


  3. Yup – WW rocks!! And yes, I can attest. But please don’t let anyone think for one moment that you remotely resemble the lady in the Halloween costume!! Way to go Rhon!! xxo, m

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “WW” you will get a royal screwing everytime from a dealship. I never buy a new vehicle.but my husband did. Keep the ones that run like a champ and save yourself some money, unless you’re trying to keep up wth the Jones or the Smiths or whomever.

    Consider this as just another useless piece of advice.


    1. Well PPandL….my intent WAS to keep the MINI…was to be my last car. She had other plans. And the dealer is a necessary evil when you need service work done under warranty. Glad to say, I’ve said goodbye to the Ol’ Girl and am on a new adventure with hopefully, the last car I have to buy. And as to keeping up…nah, if I were worried about such things, I wouldn’t be driving, I’d be driven! Thanks for coming up on the porch…always nice to see new faces. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Then it is I who needs to apologize for not thanking you for the follow. I am the one who has been lax. Just know, you have a permanent spot on the porch and I’ll always have a fresh beverage ready for ya. I’m happy to hear you like my rather ‘wrong side of the tracks’ style…I don’t have to try too hard at it, it’s kind of natural. Good or bad, that’s just me. More important, it makes me happiest when I hear that anything I could possibly say, would bring a smile or a laugh to someone who needs it. I am often the one who needs to see the humor in things lest I become bogged down in the utter shit of it all…that I have company, makes it all worth while. It’s always better when we laugh together. Please comment more often…I like the connections more than the posting! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG..I don’t know how you can stand it!! You are hilarious though..your mind works in mysterious ways, turning all of this into something so damned funny! Ok..reading on…dying to see what happens! xo

    Liked by 1 person

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