Heroin rears it’s ugly head in suburbia

To my blogging family and friends here on WP…whether or not this has touched you, your loved ones, your friends, your neighbors, or your communities…I ask that you read my dear friend Mo at magnoliabeginnings.org post and the included article from the Police Chief of Gloucester, MA – The little town that will – and see the logic in the approach to combat this disease. Take it even further, if you agree, and find out if your own state and local legislators would be willing to back a program as logical and compassionate as this one. Thank you for reading, bless you for caring…R

Magnolia Beginnings

Dear Friends,

The experience of writing this blog has proven to me that as different as we all may think we are we are all remarkably similar as well. The problems and concerns that hit me in Boston are also having the same effect on someone across the world. Records gathered from police, courts and the medical examiner shatter stereotypes about who gets sucked into this deadly vortex. It’s not all young adults. The median age of overdose victims is 41. And they’re not the dregs of society. They are homemakers, professionals, students and laborers. (Patriot Ledger) . One person every 8 days dies of a heroin/opiate overdose in my area and the numbers keep rising. I am impressed and encouraged by the actions of a small Massachusetts town Police Chief. I encourage you all to share this story with the hope that the approach will catch on. There may only…

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