Moving Day II – The Nightmare before Christmas

Yes, this was the day

The day to end all days

The moving day from Hell

Yes…To be reset on Tuesday
No…I don’t want to talk about it.

Needless to say…the boxes are still boxed

Christmas shall come and Christmas shall go

There’s always next year

Where are the Elves when you REALLY need them?


23 thoughts on “Moving Day II – The Nightmare before Christmas

    • Well, seeing as I’m safely ensconced in an immovable chair with no chance of escape, it’s safe to open your eyes and enjoy the beauty of the season…just keep the furkids photos coming, they are a source of pure delight…as are you…Merry (friggin) Christmas…xoxo


  1. Oh WW – something tells me that your grandson will remind you of the spirit of the season. Something about those little hands hugging you through this…as are well – even virtually..xoxo


  2. No, no, no…oh Rhonda I can’t believe it! What in the world!? So sorry my friend. Its all just stuff…it will find its way out of boxes and Christmas as you said will come around again but I know this has got to be so frustrating and not to mention painful for you! Big hugs my dear! Xo


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