Porch Poet

porch collage
P inkish hues of spider’s silk
O ranges, yellows, whites like milk
R eds and greens in varying tints
C apture the sun’s rays as they glint
H ere on the mums, there on a wing
P rompting retreat to shade covered things
O ppressive, this air you can cut with a knife
E ven the bird, like dragon, still life
T oday’s one for dwelling, musing, no movement
S o hoping tomorrow will bring some improvement


Honey, I hate to bug you…

I’ve given him space; allowed for hours of

R(elaxing) and R(eclining)

So, I thought I’d ask an

itsy bitsy favor…

(Me having a broken leg and all)

“Honey…would you mind putting up the flag pole for me?”

He seemed

willing enough…

He did a good job

without complaint…

Put it right where I

wanted it…

“Gee, thanks Hon…looks great”.

He then returned to

R(ecline) & R(elax)…

Having done

such a fine job…

He hadn’t appeared

at all perturbed

or overly taxed

after finishing this

itsy bitsy favor

for his dear ol’ incapacitated Ma

But…apparently we are in a

‘one and done’ situation here…

EeeK…all I did was walk into the room!

For those of you thinking the little darlins’

EVER change?

Think again!

Gotta love’em


A Hum-Dinger

Sunday has always been my favorite day.

Different stages of life have meant different reasons for the feelings of a Sunday.


Walking to church with a silly bow in my hair, but happy just the same because the Brothers always had candy.



Telephone marathons



PRE-K (pre kids):  

Lazy day in bed with my husband, a little of this, a little of that

Those luxurious stretches that give you the most peace you’ve felt all week

Laughter, music



A little more of this, a lot more of that


POST-K (post, well you get it):

Skip it, blocked it out, everyday is the same

Damned Looooooong



Huh?  I’ve forgotten what day it is and I don’t have time to remember it anyway


Ahhhh, starting to come back to me now.  I think I remember what this is like

Oh hell yeah

Only now it’s “Get Ooooooooooout…you’re hogging the bed!”

“But, seeing as you are up now, can you feed the dog, walk him, take the chicken out of the freezer, turn the music on, bring me some coffee in a couple hours?


Aw, thanks hon.”


Trying to re-figure it out

So far, it’s still my favorite day, just not sure why as all the days kind of run together

But when something reminds me it’s Sunday, I smile

(after I cringe ’cause I thought it was Thursday)

But I DO still think Sunday is a Hum-Dinger of a day

So, I’ll Hum a little something for ya

Happy Sunday all