Honey, I hate to bug you…

I’ve given him space; allowed for hours of

R(elaxing) and R(eclining)

So, I thought I’d ask an

itsy bitsy favor…

(Me having a broken leg and all)

“Honey…would you mind putting up the flag pole for me?”

He seemed

willing enough…

He did a good job

without complaint…

Put it right where I

wanted it…

“Gee, thanks Hon…looks great”.

He then returned to

R(ecline) & R(elax)…

Having done

such a fine job…

He hadn’t appeared

at all perturbed

or overly taxed

after finishing this

itsy bitsy favor

for his dear ol’ incapacitated Ma

But…apparently we are in a

‘one and done’ situation here…

EeeK…all I did was walk into the room!

For those of you thinking the little darlins’

EVER change?

Think again!

Gotta love’em