Porch Poet

porch collage
P inkish hues of spider’s silk
O ranges, yellows, whites like milk
R eds and greens in varying tints
C apture the sun’s rays as they glint
H ere on the mums, there on a wing
P rompting retreat to shade covered things
O ppressive, this air you can cut with a knife
E ven the bird, like dragon, still life
T oday’s one for dwelling, musing, no movement
S o hoping tomorrow will bring some improvement


16 thoughts on “Porch Poet

      • I figure SB that if I can’t write for the blog, any blogging I do is going towards reading my favorites. Probably my blog will die a slow painful death, but I’d miss the hell out of you guys if I wasn’t around.


        • Oh, just thinking it makes my stomach roll over…thinking of you not being around. Don’t decide just yet…maybe one a month? one a quarter? But whatever happens, just don’t go wandering into those great north woods and get lost…speaking of…my youngest left Alaska Friday morning…driving to St Cloud Minnesota…he was in the Yukon last I heard from him more than 28 hours ago…say a prayer to the Great Beaver for me…this is proving almost too much.


          • It’s a compromise, I think. I have a longer piece I’m working on that is drawing my attention, all of it. So I can’t fathom posting on the blog until that’s done. I dunno when it’ll be done. I figure it’ll be over by end of year. But I refuse to not be around and read the people who matter to me (like you).

            Good grief – your kid is taking quite a trip. Hang in there, SB.


            • It’s good that you are focused on a long piece. It’s definitely something you have in you that’s for sure. Still no word from him…going on two days now. I should think he’s out of the YT and into Edmonton by now…at least I’m hoping. This shit is for the birds!


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