My Shit Bucket’s Empty

Today’s post…despite the title…is about inspiration.  I know right?  The title is kind of misleading but…

A friend told me today that she missed my ‘more-often’ posts.

Yeah, well, me too!

I’d been so busy scooping poop these last few months, I hadn’t realized they only thing inspiring me to write was shit!

So, her comment was timely in that I’d just read two blog posts talking about seeing the big picture, keeping your eyes on the prize, concentrating on the good, listening to your heart’s softly whispered ‘it’s all going to be ok’ when you’re mired in the daily shit that could otherwise keep your psyche locked in the outhouse.

To count your blessings instead of lamenting your woes and understand that life is bigger than the last busted bone or paddleless trek up shitcreek.  All true, though as we all know, it’s not easy.

More than possible, but not easy.

Now, I’m not one to call myself particularly optimistic (I have my reasons), I do engage in this battle daily…trying to see the bright side, seeking out the silver lining or at least trying to find the humor in all things, counting my blessings, stomping on the sneaky devil ankle-biters that are always trying to knock me on my ass and piss me off.  And while the war is ongoing…the battles are getting easier.  My reaction muscles are learning new tricks (and I’ve taken to wearing armored high-top boots!)

But to get back to it…when Jules made that comment today, it did get me wondering why, with my new-found pseudo-optimistic outlook, I haven’t been inspired to post something light or happy or springy.

That’s easy…and sad…

It’s pretty obvious I’d gotten into a routine of slinging the contents of those overfloweth buckets of poo I’d been collecting during those last few shit storms.  Namely…

“Areyajokin, Bulleffincrap, and Canyashootmenow”

For now though, it looks like storm season is over and it’s time to dump the shit where it’ll do some good.  Nothing so wrong in my new garden that a few buckets of good old-fashioned manure won’t fix.

So, time to get to emptying them and refilling them with something that smells a bit better, tastes divine, and looks a lot like happiness.

Never mind that it’s sleeting and snowing…my backyard’s full of flying flirts, the bulbs are busting and bearing up, the seedlings are starving, and I’ve got just the shit for them.

Welcome Spring…it’s time for you to eat!

And for you…at the top of my Things I’m Thankful For list…

I’m Happy because…
This is NOT my derrière
Though after the last few months…it could have been

But seriously…

Here’s to looking up, looking within, and looking out…to find your inspiration


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Hi everyone! Welcome to 50 Shades of Gray Hair. 50 Shades is my blog of life over the hill, where each day is full of delicious opportunities to earn another gray hair. I stopped declaring war on the gray when I began this blog years ago. Instead, I embrace and celebrate them along with whatever life decides to throw my way, with (sarcasm forward) humor and an optimistic eye to the future. I think. I hope? I don't know. At any's real, it's honest, it's full of 4 letter words, and it's me...on a platter. I sincerely welcome you all to my porch....♥♥Rhonda

17 thoughts on “My Shit Bucket’s Empty”

  1. We don’t know, you can make the most hilarious shit out of shit. Your shit house post from your last blog incarnation and the list of names is sadly lost but very fondly remembered 😀


    1. Oh my faithful furry friends…you do my heart good. And YES…I wish I could take that minute of insanity away that caused me to loose the best of me…ie)the other blog…but am so thankful you’ve stuck around and more glad that you remember! hahaha. shit happens right? we may as well make the most of it


  2. You acknowledge that sometimes there is absolutely no lemonade to be made from lemons, and made us laugh about it. That’s a pretty amazing talent. And now, maybe the spring will bring with it some real delight and pleasure and space for flying high..xox


    1. I’m very close to saying ‘yes it will’ Mim…still a little gun shy about the absolutes…but with reminders that a little shit never killed anybody help! xoxoxo


      1. And honestly, can you name anyone who doesn’t get their roll in the poop barrel? It’s just when we realize that it would be unwise to ever want to trade what we’ve got with anyone else’s crap.


    1. Thanks Jules…your nudge yesterday helped. I suppose one could say you ‘kicked my bucket’ 😉 which is so much better than me kicking it. get it? haha


    1. NB, it’s always easier for me to help others see the sunny side. Always been a struggle for myself…but I’m getting better at it! Thanks though, for telling me that.


      1. I figured as much, SB. Wish I could help you with your struggles, but I know that’s a personal thing. All I can say is that you are an absolute ray of blazing sunshine for me, always have been – have been from the moment I met you in here. I think you shine – and you do make my life brighter. I sincerely mean that, my friend.


        1. You do help NB, more than you know. And to see those words you’ve written and know they were written to and for me, touch me deeply. Thank you for your friendship Trent.


  3. Love what you just did here:

    For now though, it looks like storm season is over and it’s time to dump the shit where it’ll do some good. Nothing so wrong in my new garden that a few buckets of good old-fashioned manure won’t fix.

    We can be so much better for having slung the shit. You my dear, will rise like the tulips!



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