Brother can you spare some CHANGE?

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.”


What easier way to showcase change than with the seasons. I’ve been known to take a thousand shots of a single mountain because each shot offers something different. Whether it’s the cloud formations that waft over the top, promising changes to come, or the way the sun strikes it on a sunny day vs. the rays that struggle through to kiss the peak on a cloudier one…IMG_0747One of my favorite changes is the coat of brilliant color that adorns it today when, just yesterday, that coat was green and brown…Jay in the distance

And tomorrow, it’ll be gray as ash, soon to be white as snow…snow cappedThe once empty horizon now filled with the winds of change in the form of wind powered turbines.  All in the name of progress and, for some, the sacrifice of beauty…a change some do not like.IMG_0039
But…there’s more to change than the obvious.  Some is predictable, some inevitable, some wanted, some not.
But it’s always coming. We all know this to be true.
Below, a slideshow with photos and thoughts on what I think about change.
I’m not afraid of it.
But like it or not…it’s coming.
So I’ll celebrate it here.

Please enjoy and thanks.

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10 thoughts on “Brother can you spare some CHANGE?

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  2. Beautiful photos, Rhonda! I think change is a very fickle thing – it seems like when it’s intended it’s good, and when it’s unintended it’s usually bad! I try to look at change as a more positive thing rather than a negative thing, and that helps me deal with it better. In other words, I don’t know of many situations where there in never a “bright side,” no matter how much you don’t want a change to occur. You just have to work on your ability to adapt, because change usually brings growth and/or strength anyway. Great post, Rhonda! Hope you are well 🙂

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    • Thank you Kelly. And funny as it may sound…I look at change as almost (90%) of the time, as a good thing because when things happen that I have zero control over…good or bad…I have to make the best of it, find some good in it, or give up…and I’m not a giver upper. If I’m honest, there are tons of things I hate about change…but the one thing about it I cannot hate because it would be a waste of time, is that it’s inevitable. Adapting is the only way…you’ve got that completely right. I think of adaptation as the sugar I add when making lemonade outta lemons. You just gotta have the sugar. And thank you…I am doing just fine. You are very sweet to ask. 🙂

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    • These are last year’s colors…but stay tuned my furry world travelers…I’ll see if I can find something as beautiful here in the south when the time comes. Hope all is well with you!!


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