How to Train Your Weatherman

I walked to the window

Looking for rain

Only to find there was none


So what did I see

Instead, on the trees

But three inches of white, and then some


It heartens me though

To know what I know

The government is not the only


High paying gig

Where none give a fig

Whether wrong or right, they’re just phonies


Weathermen, you see

Could squirt shit when they sneeze

Then turn ’round and call it baloney


So, like our po-li-ti-cos

That’s just how it goes

They feed us baloney shit sammies


 But next time, I think

When that breeze starts to stink

I’ll send a pic of a dick being slammied!

you would not! would you?

 Today’s forecast:  Squashed Dick, and Tortured Balls
Tonight’s forecast: Periods of Pain and Nausea

Tomorrow’s forecast:  Well now, that depends.  Doesn’t it?

16 thoughts on “How to Train Your Weatherman

  1. I think you have misunderstood basic weather forecasting. The idea is to tell us what the weather was yesterday and maybe what it is now. The final part is actually a weather punt or guess. The best example of crap forecasting was Michael Fish in 1987. He is still lauded for his error and his lack of taste in jackets.

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    • Hahaha…so true and so ridiculous if you really think about it. What a job huh? I googled your Michael Fish, not being a Brit I had to…and I can see why he was known for his ‘taste’ in attire. yikes!


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