The joy of discovering the cure for MINIpause…

When we last spoke about Mini Me’s Misadventurous adventure…the Misogynistic Mini Mechanics had replaced her engine and assorted internal organs, but left her night-blind in one eye because I wouldn’t pay them $79 bucks to change her bulb.

That aside, Mini and I had a bit of a Me to Mini convo, where I told her I was taking her into a Mini-Mechanic Free Zone so she better be on her best behavior.

If not…I was abosofrigginlutely ready to take her into the woods and introduce her Bonnet to her Boot, if you catch my drift.

She apparently didn’t want her face to meet her arse because we made it home in one piece and in time for supper.

That was Saturday.

Do you know where she was on Tuesday?


Back in the shop.

It seems, the poor dear was low on oxygen and needed a new sensor.
(O2 Sensor…get it?)


$405 bucks later, she was breathing freely again, which is good, cause I had a special day planned for that Mini-bitch.

You’ll remember the little convo she and I had before we left the dealership?



So, it is now official…I’ve had my last Mini-break

I. Am. Now…



I’d like to introduce you to my new friend…

Su.Be.Du…Sue for short

βˆ—This gal has stars in her eyesβˆ—


Let’s see how we get along…’cause I’ve already warned her…

I know a place in the woods…

17 thoughts on “The joy of discovering the cure for MINIpause…

  1. I wish I could write so funnily about the crappy stuff – you are an expert in positivity (with a little shake of angst). xxxxxxx
    I’m having a hard time with this and that – mainly my ma’s good eye is now failing with wet macular so she and I are scared blah blah – feeling rather down but your voice is always so light and funny and wonderful and needed!

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    • Aw Jules…I wish my ship would come in so I could go down under! I’m always here my friend, and always ready to help put a smile on that beautiful face. Please give a hugs to yourself and Meg from me…I know how you feel as my Dad is 90% blind now too. It’s a terribly scary thing, and all I can tell you is your presence makes all the difference to her…remember that. All my love…xoxo


  2. Tried to tell you when you got that mini-crap. Mini’s don’t like American food. Let’s see how SE Asia holds up for you. If she acts up, just throw some sushi in under the hood!

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  3. Oh man, I don’t want to mess with you SB… but that Mini had it coming. Seems like the definition of a lemon. I think you should have kept Mini around for a bit though, cause I’m pretty sure that Su.Be.Du could have eaten poor Mini… that would have been a sight to see. Anyway, glad you’re out from under the beast and into a pretty hot looking set of wheels.

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