T’was the Year Before This One

T’was the Year Before This One

IMG_2029T’was the year before this one, exactly this day

They had dealings with elves Satan had sent their way

Cleverly disguised as movers, those elves

Had completely and thoroughly, distinguished themselves

As minions of evil, true thugs, nincompoopsIMG_2032

Whose Coup de Grace was an utter Grace de Poop

Pa on the phone with Satan’s head guy

Ma was outside screaming her battle cry


When all of a sudden, there rose such a clatter

Pa sprung from the house to see what’s the matter

He saw flashes of fire coming out of her eyes

And heard “I. Am. Leaving. Before someone DIES


IMG_2033Little did she know that was only the beginning

Of the Battle O’ the Bunglers (Satan ended up winning)

But through all the breakage of glass, wood, and legs

They stopped trying to fill their round hole with square pegs



Try though they did, there was no talking to Boss Putz

They had no control over Dumb, Dumber, and Numb NutZ

So they did what they could to get through that last year

Now damn it all, damn it all, there’ll be Christmas this year!



What a difference a year makes!

13 thoughts on “T’was the Year Before This One

  1. And I hope this season marks the beginning of all good things, and no more sorrow and no more accidents and lots of laughter and love (and you did get Sadie this year, so that was a good thing)…xoxo, sk

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  2. Cannot believe it has been a whole year since that tale of woe unfolded! Bless you for getting through it and adding Sadie to enliven the mix. May you have a safe, happy and fun festive season which just goes on and on into the future. xxx

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    • I know right? How quickly time flies. Sadie has been the perfect end to this year…she’s made all the difference in how we look back on it now. She’s a dream and we are blessed to have found her. Thank you for all the furry love you guys…you are always ready with wagging tails and wet kisses to help make my day shine. You’ll always have a full treat jar and water bowl on my porch. Always. xoxo


    • Aw, cheers mate. I did actually sneak in and leave footprints on your last couple posts…though I was late to the party. And as far as this SB is concerned, you, NB, deserve the best life has to offer, which I think you’ve pretty much got nailed with that family of yours. (and I love when I can get a canuck to giggle) 😉


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