The Cup Runneth Over


As I anxiously await the next matches of the quarter finals, sending my silent plea to the footie gods for Kompany to kick ass and Messi to go home (he soooo good!), van Persie’s persistence outplaying Acosta, I can’t help wondering if I’m the norm when it comes to World Cup fans or if hanging in and routing teams NOT my own, is a rarity.

Of course I would have liked the USA to have kicked that same Belgian arse (1 minute of overage time? really?)
But we didn’t, so no use crying over spilt beer!

(Though HUGE props to Tim for an astounding performance in the cage!)

I like to think tournaments like the World Cup attract fans that hang in to the end…much like the Olympics…regardless of where their own countries finish. I think the host country’s fans have been a shining example of cheering the game for the game’s sake. Though the fact their team is still in it may have something to do with it, I do think they’ve been excellent hosts.

And as for me, I also feel this has been one of the best World Cups I’ve ever seen, with the caveat that the officiating has been rubbish!.
Even so, The Cup runneth over with surprise advances and superior substitutions

(not to mention ‘minutes and minutes’ of theatrical drama played out for our viewing pleasure 😉


So…for any of you still hanging in and routing on…enjoy the rest of the tourney.
If things continue as they have…it promises to be as good a final as there ever was.



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6 thoughts on “The Cup Runneth Over”

    1. tell me you’re spurring on Belgium and we can cheer together….tell me you’re routing for argentina, and i’ll try not to spill my wine on you! 😉

      Enjoy Tink and Pops


  1. Go Holland! Or Brazil. Or Germany. That’s it. Sepp Blatter has ruined Fifa – the officiating has been awful. I hope they can find a few honest refs for the remaining games.


    1. I think we are stuck with the current officials for the balance of the tournament. The human element of the game so we can’t expect them to be perfect, but some need to have better control of games or more players will be seriously injured. My hat is in the ring for Holland…:)


  2. I have to confess I have not watched the footie since the second England game, (we even took the wall poster down at that point and declared the world cup finished lol) I admit normally I would have continued watching but this year we have the Tour De France coming through where I live today and I have been trying to keep up with the tennis at Wimbledon plus the Commonwealth Games coming up so it will be a very sporting summer here. To top it all off I get to go to another big Athletics meet in August so lots of photos to come.

    Love your use of the word ‘arse’ rather than ‘ass’ you are now officially an honorary Brit xxxxxx (I am a queen I can do that right?)


    1. haha…you can do anything your Majesty likes. I read your post today…disgusting what some mugs do to make a buck! Hope your back feels better, imagine seeing those riders go thru your town would be an awesome sight! You have had a lot to cheer for so far (poor Murray tho) so don’t blame you for disappearing from the Cup when England was eliminated, and sounds like a lot more to come.


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