We paved paradise…

A beautiful spring day ~ A short stop at the mall ~ An anomaly still ~ But for how long?


Centuries past, humans unseen
When land was lush and air was clean
North to south skeins did fly
They owned the flight paths in the sky

Now wings of steel steal the blue
 Their trumpets whine and cough and spew
Toxic breath and acid tears
That drip from clouds and will for years

Fresh water’s history thanks to the rain
Our man-made link in nature’s chain
And too, no longer on the ground
 Will gaggles thrive on what they’ve found


Not sapphire blues or emerald greens
But concrete grays and blackish sheens
Migrate they will, migrate they must
But afore long it’ll just be dust

This earth below their broad spread wings
 This patchwork now of man-made things
They’ll adapt, to live, they’ll twist the plot



Yes Joni…after all these years…we’re still doing it…


(good to see you all again and thanks for sticking around…xo R)

17 thoughts on “We paved paradise…

  1. Don’t worry those geese are tough just throw a lump of bread between a group of teenagers and a gaggle of geese you know which are going to be the ones running for their lives lol 😀


    • Oh boy don’t I just! I’ve had a run in or two with the feisty fellas….but still, as beautiful as this one was, it broke my heart to see it. Good to see you Paula, I’ve been MIA, but back among the living. I have some MAJOR catching up to do. eek


  2. Sigh. Yes SB, we are doing just that. You have your meagre northern brother doing all he can to reverse the trend, I promise. But the problems are daunting, and they are so very sad.


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