Bella L U N A

Adventurers we ~ bravely tread

Winding walks through nature’s bed

Of scrub and tree and man-made reef

Tanks and troughs beyond belief

Wood duck, newt, and endless snakes

Jellies, horseshoes, sharks, and skates

But the nightmare prize goes not to tuna

It belongs to one, the one named LUNA

Pink of eye and white of scale

She reeks of evil, head to tail

But unfairly judged, as ‘book by cover’

For a gator’s a gator by any other…


Bella L U N A

20 thoughts on “Bella L U N A

  1. Wow Rhon..very cool photos, and yes, even Luna, who by any other shutter bug, I would run scared! You somehow make her seem, well, not quite sweet, but not soooo intimidating!


        • You can be NB…most certainly. And allow me to share some of this glorious weather we’ve been having the last day or so. We were under ice on Monday and I’m in shortsleeves and pedal pushers today, hoping to venture out and trim some bush! lol. Wishing for warm winds your way.


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