Caveat Emptor Sucka

For those of you that followed my soap opera, tragic, comedy of drama  “As the Shade Turns” you’ll know of what I speak.

The “moving” company at the center of my little serial has DENIED any and all claims from my husband and me regarding our recent relocation from Vermont to Virginia.

Yes folks, Caveat Emptor has never been more glaring than in our case!

The trouble is…when a company decides to CHANGE its name to hide the fact that the negative star, negative reviews are the norm…what is a consumer to do?

The only thing I can think to do is this

Company A (as we hired them)

Colonial Van Lines Relocation Division

2000 N State Road 7, Suite 300

Margate, FL 33063

Is non-other than Company B

All State Van Lines Relocation, Inc.

2000 N State Road 7, Suite 101

Margate, FL  33063

Had we been aware (had we been Caveat Emptor), we would have read the reviews of Company B…where the MEAT of it is.  The majority of their clients wanted to give NEGATIVE stars, whether it be Yelp or the company’s own website!

Oh to have known…Oh to have CAVEATED OUR EMPTOR!

Oh to have moved our own friggin selves!

Are we done?

Not likely…

Next round…lawyers and banks!

THIS should be fun.

Whoo Hoo!

Meantime?  Don’t you DARE even think about hiring these thuggish bozos!

You hear?

(ps) they are BOTH on FACEBOOK.  OH GOODIE!

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30 thoughts on “Caveat Emptor Sucka”

    1. We’ve ready spoken with a lawyer (I actually sent him the links to my little serial, chuckle, chuckle). Seems our next step is The Consumer Protection Division of the State of Florida’s Attorney General’s office….so, on we go!


    1. We do NB…but companies have a choice whether to ‘participate’ or not. If they do not, then the BBB can do nothing. And, no surprise, they do NOT. No sweat though, there are other ways.


        1. Have already spoken with one (sent him the links to my little drama too…which he read…and agrees should be a National Lampoon flick! hahaha)…he thinks our next step is the one I’m taking, the Consumer Protection Division of the Florida Attorney General’s Office….like he said, we cannot sue for stupid and lazy…so we shall try this first.


    1. I’m certainly going to give it the Ol’ college try Yvonne. It’s hard to imagine THEY get the last word! Not as long as I have the lungs of a Banshee…xo


    1. I’ve already researched the next step SFAM. They don’t participate in the BBB (really? what a surprise) but the Consumer Protection Division in the State of Florida is about to meet me!


        1. Oh honey…you must, when you (if you) have time, read the serial drama…As the Shade Spins…the meat of which is in 4 episodes. I’d love to hear your thoughts? lol


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