Get Your Heads OUT of Your Asses…

…and YOUR Asses Back in Your Chairs!!

pissed off

I don’t care if you – Straddle an ASS – Ride an ELEPHANT
Get the houses in order and do your jobs
THAT is what YOU are STILL getting paid to do
F I G U R E   I T   O U T !!!

I, for one, am TIRED of our country looking ridiculous and behaving like spoiled children

This is NOT a game

This is NOT a pissing contest

This is life and death for some

Put your million dollar asses in your thousand dollar chairs and get our country’s houses back in order


or the next thing you hear from us will be:

Y O U   A R E   F I R E D!

11 thoughts on “Get Your Heads OUT of Your Asses…

  1. Lot of us up here are following this closely, SB. All starting to worry. Ah politicians and their games… it just makes no sense. And on an earlier theme that actually relates to this one (excuse the foul language), I give you this song/video:


  2. Sigh…I’m for firing all of them. So tired and disgusted – feels like you’re watching a fight on the playground with no adult present to break it up. I really hope that we as voters really send a message during election time.


    • I really hope so too. If this doesn’t motivate voters to make major changes in DC, I don’t know what would. I’m with you…I’d like to see the backs of ALL of their heads as they walk out for the last time, but I just don’t think it’ll happen. Too bad too. Not one of them is blameless in allowing our country to fall this far.


  3. Rhonda we live so far away and to be honest find it hard to actually follow what is going on and the reasons behind this all… but what we have picked up is that it does appear to be a bit of a pissing contest, a game of spite, and this all from grown people… but the thing that strikes me the most,,, the people that are playing in kindergarten… are actually being paid while all those poor people out there that need their pay aren’t… some how that doesn’t sound fair to me…


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