Two Steps…Yeah…Then One

Two steps forward

One step back


Why ask why?

It does no good

For every day of sun…

There are two of clouds

There’s a lesson here

I know there is

An opportunity to learn

To grow

But when is it okay to say enough?

No more school

I’m tired of school

School of life; school of love; school of fish…

It’s all the same

Two steps forward

One Step back

When we are close to the edge, trying our best

Little things become more than little things

They become

Bigger than we can deal with in any given day

On tHaT day

When is it okay to say





Wishful thinking?

Testing faith?

Thinking we are more important than we are?

Don’t know

Don’t care

E n O u G h

Tired of the tears

Tired of snot running down my face

Tired of feeling life is bigger than I am…

e N o U g H

Pretending is a ten letter word disguised as a four letter one

Take your pick



Losing a marriage

Losing love

Finding love

Losing love

Losing love again

Finding love

Losing sight

Losing perspective


Gaining should be the thing

And would be…



Of the one step forward and two steps back


Of the two steps forward one step back


Fucking God…Enough

16 thoughts on “Two Steps…Yeah…Then One

    • side trips…dirt paths…I know.
      eyes on the prize
      heart on lockdown
      testing mettle
      diggin’ in and diggin’ out
      ranting in lieu of running
      an improvement
      perspetive scope up
      just need one day of
      enough is enough


  1. Hang tight SB. It’s got to turn out okay because that’s what you deserve. And if ever you need to jump away from it all, come north and I will make you food and drink beer with you on my porch. It’s not an answer, but it will be fun.


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