I need a Rosetta Stone!

Written by:
Every Damned Person Who Ever Had To Learn The English Language!!
Rules for Rules!
Breaking Rules To Follow Rules!!
Spreken ze Deutsch?

Okay, it’s late.

Off to bed, right after I grab my tooths-brush and brush my tooths





Nighty nite nyte Β πŸ˜‰

16 thoughts on “I need a Rosetta Stone!

  1. That was a little bit of brilliant. Tell me you wrote it, I’d believe you! Made me remember Fox in Socks for some reason. That book broke my brain once.

    How you doing SB? Keeping saucy, I should hope.


    • Sauce on top and on the side. Always NB. Now, I could tell you I did..but alas, was one of those email treasures I get now and again. But…had I thought to, I’m sure I coulda. Hope you are/have shared that brain bustin’ Seuss with your young ones…no child should ever grow up without knowing that cats wear hats, and foxes wear soxes and nothing goes better with ham than green eggs. Good to see you…will drop by later, I see you’ve returned to the sphere.


  2. Love this! What a treasure that poem is. And it can only serve to add sympathy for those who are ESL. Thank you so much for sharing this. Happy hugs, Gina


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