Going Off…

Going off.

Know the term?

Well, this is not that kind of going off.

This is the actual kind.

Going off the ether.

Taking a break from the best and worst invention in our lifetime.

It’s a great tool and it’s a tragedy waiting to happen.

The internet.

It is an amazing thing isn’t it?


Think about how life has changed since we’ve all go on the ether.

Mind boggling.

But, I for one, have found more that turns me off than on.

And I think it’s time for a break.

Just some time and space to clear the air a little

Maybe regain some respect for the power the internet has.

Maybe regain some insight as to the good it can do.

For now though, I’ll say ‘catch ya later’

Don’t know when…soon I hope.

But, I’ll be back.


In the meantime, I’ll watch for emails of your wonderful posts.

I’ll drop in and say hello and tell you how wonderful you all are.

Because you are.

Take good care, look out for each other.

Love you all



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