Semper Fi


The flag’s on the table, folded precise and exact

Awaiting the moment gloved hands would extract

Its full measure and meaning as they unfurl with great care

This symbol of freedom, for which eagles dared

Open in its glory while Taps haunts the grounds

Open still as the guns salute, 21 rounds

IMG_3169They stand in the distance, these old volunteers

Aged eyes strain to see what old ears can not hear

The sign that it’s time, to raise, aim, and fire

The salute to the memory of this beloved spouse and sire

The brass hits the grass as our tears hit our chests

While the tear stains remain, the brass is gathered in respect


Off to their left, in Marine dress so smart

A man and his bugle awaits his start

To show his respect for a brother not met

To guide him to rest on his longest journey yet

Silently white gloves refold the old girl

But from this moment on, no more to unfurl

Turning on a dime, pacing five steps

Eyes ever forward, toward her he crept

He kneels and hands over this flag and this brass

As he speaks to her quietly, his face sheds the mask

I can see the sincerity, respect, and sadness

For this brother, sight unseen, but remembered none the less


Semper Fidelis he spoke when rising

Semper Fidelis I whispered, not surprising

To the man, marine, husband, and my father

Semper Fi

Always Faithful

I’ll live it

All my love

…your daughter