A Zoom with a View

This week’s Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge (CB&W) topic is Any kind of Camera or Photos of Photographers.

This got me thinking…LONDON


I mean, if I have any photographs of photographers taking photographs it would be in my photographs of photographing London (phew)

So…on a mission, I went through my London photogr…oh nevermind.  I went through my pictures and found exactly 2…TWO with people popping pictures

Okay.  Well, then I thought, hell…I know that everyone everywhere on every High Street corner over there, is being photoged by someone somewhere, so I looked for the eyes in the sky rather than the lens on the land and what do you think I found?

Yup…Big Brother!

So…for this challenge, I challenge you to find the spying eyes on the Highs (streets, that is) in these chock full o’ stuff pictures

Once I found one, I couldn’t stop!!  I couldn’t have kept going (there are 1200 of them, yikes) until the evereadies died, but I controlled myself

Anyway…besides giving me a whole new way to look at my Zoom with a View, I got some good practice taking them from color to black and white.  I don’t have any special photo editing software, so I just play around with what’s available on my computer.  Still, it’s a practice I shall endeavor to get better at, but in the meantime, please enjoy my entry and thanks for lookin’  (you will of course need to click on each photo to get full size…it may help)

Can ya see it? This one ‘blends’
In the financial district…naturally
This is the top of the Southwark Cathedral…where SHAKESPEARE is buried! Think they are spying to see if he’s writing again? Can ya see it?
Absolutely need to spy on people’s comings and goings into and outta the pub. Right?
The epitome of Eye in the Sky. See it? Talk about a Crow’s Nest!
Captured from the top of the bus (man, what fun those buses are!)…cameras are like birds on a wire!
This one isn’t shy…front and center and proud it! I figured I’d give ya an easy one