WaG tHe DoG….

What the heck does that mean?

Just this:

I’ve become (dun dun dun)


Now I actually know what that really means.

When you find something that you sink your teeth into and can’t seem to let go of because it

just HAS to get done

just HAS to be perfect

just HAS to get out there

Geesh…my doggy-jaw is  E  x  H  a  U  s  T  e  D

For those that visit me here; are friends of mine on Facebook; do the Google-y +1 circle thing with me…you know what I’m talking about.

I’ve been buried in photos, copy, making videos, posting videos, making advertisements, paying for advertisements, and now my social pages are fraught with links to

You Tube



more more more!

Our first Open House is this Sunday and all I want for Christmas is a BUYER!


In the meantime, however, I’ll keep slogging along, doing my thing, and hopefully not lose what family and friends I have because they are sick of me SeLLing My HoUsE all over cyberspace!

Oh…and did I tell you I have real estate agents?


At least I HOPE I still do…oy what they must think of me!

Thanks for indulging though, now it’s time to go feed the dog!