Should We Stay or Should We Go🎶🎶🎶

Okay.  So, I know it’s been a day or two since my last post 😉 and I wasn’t actually planning a post today ‘cuz it’s crazy busy for us right now, but…who the hell could resist?

Not I.

You all know how much I like a good ‘saga’  😂 😭 😓

Especially about cars.  Or moving.  Or houses.  Or other Shit-N-Stuff.


So…after all the blood, sweat, and tears, we shed before, during, and after, moving into our current home, we are considering selling.

Yup…2 years, 6 months in, picking up and moving again is actually being considered.

Nutz! 😵   Looney!  😱   Coocoo for Cocoa Puffs! 🐒


Two reasons really.

The first, to be closer to my recently transplanted Mom, who is, apparently, one of those lucky people I’ve heard about when it comes to adventures in moving.  Her pack and move went smoothly.  Her house behaved when she moved in and didn’t reach out and break her leg or rain down through her light fixtures from the floor above.

Remember my crying lights?

She has made a beautiful home for herself…and is quite content to remain where she is.  But, we are finding that even a mere 20 minute/10 mile distance, is 15 minutes too far!

{Hmmm, note to self…A Drive Too Far…Book?  Movie?  Copyright infringement?  Carry on self…}

The second, as important as the first, is because our beautiful Ms. Sadie needs a place to safely run and play in her own backyard, and we cannot give that to her.


Because we cannot fence it in 😲


Bureaucratic Bullshit 🚧

We have a gorgeous back yard…

Northfield in the fall

What…don’t believe that’s mine?

What—everrrrrrrrrrrr  👀

Forget the mountains then.

Oh for Pete’s sake…take out the barn if it bothers ya!

Okay Okay (ya picky bitches), take out the fence, the trees, the other barn, and the rolling field in the background and you’ve got my yard.


Anyhoo….because Virginia’s disclosure laws are a  j o k e, not one of the half dozen professionals involved in buying real estate, not to mention the previous owner, felt it necessary to inform us that this lot is one of the highest impacted lots in the neighborhood, rendering our little slice of Eden…all but USELESS.


There is a 60′ (yes, that is SIXTY) gas company easement from the back of the property towards the house and runs the entire width of the tad over a 1/3 acre lot.  From our way of thinking, that should have been mentioned by SOMEONE in the 2 month buying/closing process yeah?


Add to that 60′ another 20′ for the build line which runs from the structure towards the back of the yard, making the total depth/width of what we cannot add to, plant on, or change in a way that would impede….a whopping 80′.

EIGHTY #$#$%#$ FEET  😖 😭 😕

Even though the gas company could work with us on a fee based waiver, they won’t.

But Wait!  There’s More  (oh goody)

There are also easements from the county that cannot be waivered.

One is a 16′ drainage easement, running back to front, the entire length of the property, but it’s on the side property line, so we didn’t give that one much thought.  At the time.  Not until we had to.  And we had to when we wanted to put a storage shed out there.  On the side.  Away from the gas easement.  Ya know, close to the garage and stuff.

Ummmm….Not gonna happen  🚫

Then {and I chuckle here} there is that all too common, everybody else must have one…FLOOD DAM FAULT LINE!  OR FAULT DAM FLOOD LINE!  OR DAM FLOOD FAULT LINE!  OR SOME DAMNED LINE GOING DIAGONALLY THROUGH THE ENTIRE BACK YARD!!

You got one, right?  And you?  And you, and you?  And you over there?  Everybody?  ‘Cause I’m thinking it’s so damned prolific as to be down right common-place.  Like we all got grass so why point out the grass?  Ain’t that why I’ve never heard of this effin’ thing?  Ain’t it?

What the hell is happening?????????????  😱

The only friggin floods that I have ever heard of around here….were inside my damned house and that fault line didn’t help one daggone bit!!  (el squat-o)

Did I say this made me chuckle?

I lied  😫

Of course, we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t think we’d get a decent enough return to buy another.  The market is good right now, the rates are still low, people may be looking to get into a place before the next school year….all good things right?

So I ask you…

🎶 Should we stay or should we go 🎶

(sorry, I can’t help singing it…lol)

Oh geez…after all that, I forgot to mention why I even began this post.  While we muse over the possibility of listing (we’re about 98% there to be honest), we figured we’d do what we always do in this situation…invest more blood, sweat, and tears, not to mention 💰, into getting our imperfect 🏠 perfect so the next 👸 of the newly perfected 🏰 won’t have to lift a friggin’ finger or spend an effn’ dime!

‘Cause that’s how we role…we Hernandezeseses (Hernadezi?)

We buy, we fix, we do……..and we move.  So we can then…buy old and broken, fix to new and pretty, sell to others who don’t have to do a damned thing…just so we can buy old and broken, fix to new and pretty….blah de blah de blah!

In that vein…
We have had the fireplace that hasn’t worked since the day after we moved in, fixed.
We had the Jacuzzi tub’s leaky-ass faucets that we haven’t touched since the first time we went to use it and didn’t because it leaked, repaired.
We’re giving our wood floors a facelift so they don’t offend the next matriarch with their little Sadie scratches.
We’re resurfacing our pinkish, post-form, laminate countertops that somehow were good enough for me, but certainly will put off today’s savvy buyers looking for the trendier granite because ‘It’s so shiiiiny’.

And I’ve saved the best for last…

and the hardest for me…

the die-hard DIY’er:

Hiring someone to do what I do, and do well is tough. But time, old shoulders, bad, up close & personal, eyesight, added to my increased lack o’ patience, has dictated that this time around…we must bite the proverbial and hire a pro.

You all know me and my history with hiring professionals.

Though you know I pride myself in doing my due diligence, you also know it has gotten my leg broken, my house flooded, my toothbrush packed with the toilet brush, and my car dying at 70 MPH on Interstate 91 in New Haven.

Shall we agree that you know this Wonder Woman of Wacky Workmen?

Okay then…we’re off.

We hired a ‘Pro” to paint the interior of our 4BR, 3BA home, top to bottom, head to toe, and everything in between.  The references were stellar. The estimate reasonable. The time frame – 7 days. Perfect.

That should have been my first clue!

When. Will. I. Learn?

Nothing is perfect, nor apparently, what it seems!

I’m getting ahead of myself…let’s see.  To be pro-active, we removed all wall décor, switch plates, outlet covers, electronics, all items in/on/around furniture, packed everything in boxes, moved all furniture to middle of rooms to be covered, placed all non-necessary furnishings, boxes, small items, etc., in the garage, took up all rugs, and basically had the house ‘paint-ready’ for the start date.  Oh, and we moved into my mother’s to give them free reign to only have to cover stuff once and not worry about finishing one room at a time.  The house was theirs.  They had to do nothing but cover, patch, sand, and paint.

Two painters began on Monday the 6th.  The owner’s son who is taking over the business, and his side kick with 25 years under his belt, cut-in and first coat, guy.

Come Saturday, the 11th, one was left and the other one gone.  I fired the side-kick for lack of production and sloppy work.  His smoke breaks alone used half his hours and all of his work needed to be re-done.

He blamed the paint.  I blamed the painter.  I win.

Boom!  You’re outta here! 

I was told he would be replaced with a more professional side kick, but as of today, the 17th, there is still but one.

Mr Painter Man

Who I call IMA

IMA fix it – IMA gonna do it – IMA be here late tomorra – IMA sorry – IMA IMA IMA

By end of business today, there will have been a total of 11 painting days.

Know what’s done?  Hah…stop that laughing.  Wanna know?


This is still my downstairs…11 days later

Know what else?

There are 3 walls upstairs that need to be redone.  But I told IMA to save that for dessert cause I needed his ass downstairs in the kitchen!  I’ve got a counter top being redone on MONDAY!!

I even returned the remaining 6 gallons of my accent color, a beautiful Crushed Oregano green, for IMA because he keeps blaming the paint…I changed my design for him!

Does this color scare you?  It’s on my front door, which I painted, without trouble
 What the hell is wrong with me???  IMA STUPID!

Know what I’m doing right now?

😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 etc etc etc

Why bother going through all of this some might ask.  Especially when my house always looks good whether trendy or not.  Always up to date, clean, and comfy.  Homey!

Because Lord knows, today’s modern and discerning buyer would no doubt, walk into a home with red in the kitchen and yellow in the living room; green in the bathroom and a cloud painted blue sky ceiling in the bonus room, would run screaming into the street for the horror!

None of which I put on the walls but was perfectly fine with it until the day I decided to change it.

Boy oh Boy…we can’t expect someone else to think that way now can we?

Or so the real estate professionals tell me. After all, this is only the 6th house we will have sold, so how would I know anything about what sells and what doesn’t?

So…next week, it’ll be Mr. Painter-man who best have my kitchen done by tomorrow (or else ) and the counter-top crew.  That, should be an interesting day  😂

🎶 🎶 We Should’a Stayed and Let Him Go 🎶 🎶


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27 thoughts on “Should We Stay or Should We Go🎶🎶🎶”

    1. Unfortunately…I can. I am my own worst enemy SK…I am the worst kinda sap who believes what she reads and hears and trusts first and regrets later. What’s a WW to do? 😉 I’ll survive, and hey, got me back to writing right? xo


  1. I don’t know what to say, Rhonda!!! Other than, when I used to do old school loans at the “Savings & Loan”….I was cautioned about giving loans to the 5 P’s. Painters was at the top of that list! (Prostitutes, preachers…..) Although. ..we do like our painter here. ..and he and his wife would probably travel if you provide a place to stay! 🙂 Hugs♡ Love how you can smile thru the pain…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG…I would not only supply the place to stay, I’d feed them and bathe them and rub their feet!!! Seriously, what IS it about me? lol…Thanks Paula, there’s always something to smile about, no matter WHERE the pain comes from…it is, after all, how I roll 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha ha, bonk – fell off chair 😀 We’d love to have your problems at the moment… Had a kitchen fire at the end of January. No more kitchen and the rest of the house badly smoke damaged. Luckily we have a small studio flat which was unaffected. We’re still living in that flat with five cats keeping us company – the two dogs at least are persuadable not to sleep on the bed. The insurance company assure us the decision on what they will pay is imminent and then we will be allowed to commission work… We cook for a jazz association five times a season – 120 people at a concert – hope they like bbq food as the next one is a week away!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Noooooooooooo…I HATE to hear that!!! And OMG…cooking for 12o people now? ROFL…oh, sorry….Booooo. Wish I was there to help you through the awful mess….been through a fire, know how AWFUL it really is!!! Bless you sweethearts, I will be thinking of you…xo


      1. Sorry about that moan, we’re coping just fine thanks. If you’d bought your property in the UK, you’d be able to sue the pants off your solicitor for not finding out all that sh*t about all the easements 😦 Good luck sorting it all out and getting the hell out of there 😀

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  3. That was worth the wait for a post from you! You are such an entertaining writer, Rhonda! But in such a predicament it seems! I like the door color, by the way. Just buy new and pretty with a yard like the picture and it’s settled. So… I guess you would be going… to answer your question. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks Kel…I think there are times I channel Irma (Erma?) Bombeck…remember her? Are you even old enough to remember her? Kind of the Lady of Laughter for the everyday woman 🙂 Anyway, I wish we could buy new…but, Mother dear lives in Richmond and there are few and far between new, unless one wants a condo or something and I’m not ready for that! And yes…I think the answer is yes. Gotta smile though…God sure has a quirky, devilish sense of humor, and his sense of irony is fantastic…found out today the house directly beside Mom, and I mean their yard kisses her yard, went up for sale! Hahahahaha I can’t stop laughing, I really can’t. I’ll keep ya posted on how it all goes….xo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s great! I assume you are familiar with the house and would be interested in it… so that sounds like divine intervention to me! Your mom must be thrilled.
        I know of Erma Bombeck and yes, you write similarly! Glad to hear the excitement in your voice – wish you the best with everything – keep us posted! xo

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes…it’s a cute house and I had a conversation with The Big Guy on the way home after seeing online that it had been listed. Told Him how much I appreciated His sense of irony and humor. lol We shall see eh?

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my lord. Sounds like my experience with painters and carpenters. and what have you. I’ve; just about always gotten bummers not matter what. But I’ve lived in the same house since 1963 and have no desire to move from this rinky, dinky, old, sort of refurbished farm house.

    But all by means move from that damn place. It’s not worth a flip or flop if you can’t put up one piffly fence so that your dog can have some fun and freedom. And besides the fact that you can be near your mom. Good luck, Rhonda.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like the sound of your rinky dinky old sort of refurbished farm house! Sounds like my kinda place and I’m envious you’ve been in one home since 1963!! And I agree with you…Ms. Sadie’s joy of life is being stifled by not having a place to express it…thanks for the wishes…will let ya know how things turn out 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha….yeah, not so much. IMA never showed up on Saturday, called three hours late to tell me he had a flat. I sent an email to his boss (Daddy) telling him I wanted an action plan for completion by the end of this week…..C R I C K E T S!! ugh is right


  5. IMA astounded at what you have to deal with!! Crazy times my friend. You are the one though, who can take those times and turn them into some crazy good writing. IMA hoping that the dust settles soon for you!!! xoxox

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