The Cowboy Way

Is it the green of the grass or the warmth of the sun?
The freedom he feels when he can just run?
Or the sounds of his family, the music of laughter
that tickles his fancy? Is that what he’s after?
The joy he exudes when brothers play ball
Tears and then laughter when one of them falls
He’ll often be seen, his tongue tasting air
 settled on the stoop, pondering there
What is he thinking, what treats are in store
for this legend in training, this blessing and more?
As Grammy, I’d tell you, “he’s deep like his roots”
But honestly his passion is only his BOOTS!


23 thoughts on “The Cowboy Way

  1. Go get ’em cowboy! I LOVE when kids go through these phases of expressing themselves in such a fun, cute, bold, whatever way..they are so pure and true to what they like and want without worry of filter for what anybody else might think. glorious! My son went through a phase where he HAD to wear his batman costume and cape everywhere..this went on for months, and I absolutely loved going to the store or out to dinner with my very own super hero. It was a bummer when we moved past that little phase! Rock on lil’ cowboy!!


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